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Year 3 here I come!

by Hannah Johnson


Year 3 here I come!
Fareeda was an intelligent, happy and pretty little girl. She went to Sunmarke School, which she loved. Her teacher Ms Thomason was so kind and she had lots of friends in Year 2.
It was June and nearly the summer holidays. Ms Thomason sat all the boys and girls down and explained that they would be going to Year 3 in August.
After their circle time all the boys and girls went off to have lunch and play outside. But Fareeda didn't want to play. She didn't want to eat. She didn't want to talk to her friends. Fareeda couldn't stop thinking about what Ms Thomason had said.
I don't want a new teacher. I don't want to leave my friends. I don't want a new classroom.
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Fareeda had tears in her eyes, her lip was trembling. It didn't feel nice. Fareeda didn't know what to do.
Ms Thomason saw the look on Fareeda's face.
You don't look yourself. How are you feeling Fareeda?
I have a weird feeling. It's not nice. I don't know how I am feeling. My eyes are watering and my lip is moving. I am shaking a little as well.
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Speech Bubble
How do you think she was feeling?
Ms Thomason discussed the Zones of Regulation with Fareeda. She identified that she was feeling sad. She suggested that Fareeda talk to her friends and parents about the transition.