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Guzzler's Fair Test Investigation

by Anna Budds


Guzzler's Fair Test Investigation
By Anna Budds 21391661
It was a freezing cold Monday morning and Guzzler wanted to bring a hot chocolate with him to school.
Guzzler wanted to find out what material would be the best to keep his hot chocolate warm.
Guzzler decided to carry out a fair test investigation to get the most accurate results.
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What is a fair test investigation?

A fair test investigation is an experiment that is conducted where all variables are the same apart for one which is called the control.
Guzzler had a choice of 4 different materials that he could use to keep his hot chocolate warm.
Tin foil
Bubble wrap
Dish towel
Yellow cloth
In order to conduct a fair test, Guzzler had to make sure that he cut each different material into the exact same size to cover each cup.
Guzzler used a scissor and a ruler to make sure all of the materials were the same size.
When Guzzler had cut out each material into equal sizes, he then used elastic bands to cover each cup of hot chocolate.
Elastic bands