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how to do math

by Jacob Kerner


How To Do Math
how to add - page 3
how to subtract - page 4
how to multiply - page 5
If you want to add something like 1 + 1 you should know your 123's first so if you have 1 on your fingers and you want to add 1 then put up 1 finger now how many fingers do you have up ? if you have 2 then you just did addition! now try the problems below
1 + 2
2 + 2
4 + 4
5 + 5
now that you know addition let's learn subtraction so first hold up 2 fingers then put one down so now how many are left? if you have 1 left then you are correct now try the problems below
wow you have learned subtraction and addition but here is a new one multiplication so lets solve 2 x 2 first get a paper and put down 2 dots now what is 2 rows of dots with 2 dots in them? if you answered 4 then you are correct now try the problems below
hint: if it is times 0 it is zero if it is times 1 it stays the same if it is times 2 just add the number to its self
you have learned addition subtraction and multiplication now what about division
thanks for reading, now share the math with the world