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the christmas change

by mtg_lilking


The christmas
this book is dedicated to my mom
she is the most dedicated person ever
this is a sequel of the book that i gave her last year
i hope that everybody in joys this book as much as i do you mom
this is a private one copie book signed by author and is not for retail selling.
you´ve once heard of a holiday named christmas and it is a magical time and hear is the story of the change in saint nick himself.

once upon a time in a magical place called the north pole yes the north pole.and here we go. it is 12:00.PM and santa is getting his salad ready for the big night when he gets the news that he has to find a new santa before the take off. To be fare he is 1,820 years old and is very sick. but the question is can he do it if he doesnt christmas is ruined.
¨where to start where to start¨ saint nick said out loud ¨aha the list¨ he said to the head elf ¨what¨ the elf said back ¨i will check the list to see who is the best with kids and organization¨ ¨but will anyone make criteria¨ ¨i don't known but it is are last hope.
so that's what he did he checked his list but no one was making criteria but then right before everyone lost hope he found one man in a small town in arizona who works at a early child hood center so he got a reindeer suited to go to arizona.