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by Julia Themelis


Using Assistive Technology
in a P/J Classroom
Bringing it to the classroom!!
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There are so many ways to bring assistive technology to the classroom. When using videos in the classroom, such as GoNoodle, I can add close captioning to the videos in order to help students make the connections between text and audio. This is a very simple example of assistive technology. Another example would be using visual timers to help students conceptualize the amount of time they have left to complete a task, and help with classroom transitions. By having ipads available in the classroom, students can also access resources like book creator and read&write to assist with speech to text.
I believe there are so many advantages of assistive technology in the classroom. This allows students, who have trouble focusing or conveying their thoughts when given a pen and paper, to use alternative strategies to express their thoughts. This can help lift the anxiety in students who struggle with printing techniques. While exploring read&write, I really liked the "Picture Dictionary" function. In a primary classroom, this is a great function for students to visually understand a word they can't read yet.

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