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Halloween Poems

by Brittany Davis


Halloween Poems
By Mrs. Davis' Class
Adapted from the poem "Witch, Witch" by Rose Fyleman

Mummy, Mummy
”Mummy, Mummy, what do you eat?”
”I eat people dangling meat?”

“Mummy, Mummy, what do you drink?”
“Eyeball soup and pink ink.”

“Mummy, Mummy, where do you sleep?”
”in a coffin in the deep.”

”Mummy, Mummy, what do you do?”
"I see spiders and I say BOO!”

By Warren West
“Monster, Monster"
“Monster, Monster, what do you eat?"
“I eat stinky feet.”

“Monster, Monster, what do you drink?"
”I drink blacking and good red ink."

”Monster, Monster, where do you sleep?"
”I sleep in the pond with the fish ticking my feet.”

”Monster, Monster, where do you stay?”
”I live in the graveyard where the ghosts play.”
By Aaliyah Vucko
Vampire, Vampire
“Vampire, Vampire, where do you sleep?”
"I sleep under the caves very, very deep.”

“Vampire, Vampire, what do you drink?”
"I drink red ink.”

“Vampire, Vampire, where do you fly?”
"I fly up in the sky."

”Vampire, Vampire, what do you eat?"
”I eat insects that come to meet."

By Justin Sherman
Spider, Spider
"Spider, Spider, what do you do?"
"To the kids I say boo!"

"Spider, Spider, what do you eat?"
"Bloody trees with no meat."

"Spider, Spider, where do you sleep?"
"At the haunted house without making a peep."
By Misha Serbinov
Bat, Bat
“Bat, Bat, what do you eat?”
”I like to eat bloody meat.”

”Bat, Bat, where do you fly?”
”Over the mouse traps where you will cry.”

”Bat, Bat, what do you drink?”
”Red and orange pizza ink.”

“Bat, Bat, where do you sleep?”
”In the caves where you have nice cool feet.”
By Nathan Schrier