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Emma's 2nd Grade Portfolio Template

by 2nd Grade

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Reflection Letter
May 1, 2023
Dear mom and dad,
One word describe my year in second grade is joyful. The reason I chose this word is because it is so much more exciting to be in second grade. My favorite subject was Mandarin because I like learning a new language. I am proud of ibio because it was so scary because I have stage-fight but I did great. A special memory I have from this year is the New Year's party because it was so special and I also loved the Halloween party. I love my teacher Ms. Ruffolo and my friends I made this year. This was the best year.

Student Written Goals
Beginning of 2nd grade: My goal is to improve my reading skills.
I will read each night .
I will read longer books.
I will record my reading in my reading log.
I will work hard to reach my goal!
I feel I reached my goal because I read so much and my reading improved.
I love to read Slime Diaries .