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Miles' 2nd Grade Portfolio

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Miles' 2nd Grade Portfolio
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Reflection Letter
May 1, 2023
Dear father and mother,
One word that describes my year in second grade is spectacular. The reason I chose this word is because I had the best teacher ever Ms. Ruffolo. My favorite subject this year was writing because I loved writing my ibio note cards and making book creator books. I’m also doing my immigrant step inside which I love writing about. My favorite special this year was Steam because I loved doing my rainforest iMovie. Max and I made a superhero who cleans the world. Something I am really proud of this year is my Ibio project. A special memory from this year is my school showcases Music Man and Frozen kids. Our field trip to Flamingo Gardens and all of our parties were a blast. This year was a masterpiece.

Student Written Goals
Beginning of 2nd grade: My goal is to improve my reading skills. To reach my goal, I will do a spelling bee and practice my spelling skills. Also, I will ask questions as I read. I will read every night. I will also record my reading. I will work hard to reach my goal.
I feel I reached my goal because I ask questions about the situation every time I read a book. I can think about books in deeper ways now.
Here is my Step Inside thinking routine. I pretended to be the character milkman from the story the trial of cardigan jones. 
For my I-biography project, I was Ben Franklin. I read, highlighted and took notes. I put these notes in order on a flee map. 
In novel groups I enjoyed reading "Pugs of the Frozen North". Here is my reading journal:
I created a guess who game and CSI based on all the things I read about Benjamin Franklin.
I found my favorite I-bio quote. 
Here is my favorite part of Charlotte’s Web read aloud. 
CW character bubble map
My favorite part of Charlotte’s Web was when Charlotte’s babies were born. It is very heartwarming to see them come into the world. It was also sad to see them go away because they’re balloonists now. I was thankful three babies stayed with Wilbur.
Here is our critical thinking chalk talk and book creator response.
I created an area  robot.I used multiplication to find the area of each body part.
Speech Bubble
Addition with regrouping.
Subtraction across zero
Here is my Explain Everything video on subtracting with regrouping.