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Hobbies and Dinosaurs

by Данилова Анастасия 111.1 ИИЯ


Hobbies and Dinosaurs.
Данилова Анастасия Юрьевна
группа 111.1 ИИЯ
Table of contents:
Hobbies 3 -10
Dinosaurs 11 - 18
Modern youth as a hobby no longer chooses hiking in the forest, fishing or cycling. The current world offers a large number of opportunities to take up your free time with interesting hobbies.

Reading: No matter how strange it may sound, but reading is one of the most popular hobbies among teenagers. Although many people believe that reading as a hobby has long outlived its usefulness and is a relic of the past, many people prove every day that this is absolutely not the case. Given the possibilities of modern technology, it is not surprising that reading is popular.
Free Internet access opens the possibility to find any book in an instant and read it. Electronic books, phones and tablets allow you to transfer the book to electronic format and read it anywhere and at any convenient and free time. From this we can conclude that reading is a fairly practical hobby, as it does not require large expenses. Reading is one of the most useful hobbies, because with the right choice of literature for reading, a teenager can increase his vocabulary. In addition, thanks to reading, you can get food for thought and food for thought, which will subsequently contribute to the development of thinking and imagination.
Scientists have proven the benefits of reading, since it is reading that reduces stress and helps a person to relax. Reading also helps psychologically adolescents who are in the active stage of puberty, as the reader often transfers the events that happened to him to scenes from the book, and this helps to better understand the situation and in himself.

Computer games: The second most popular hobby among young people is computer games. This type of pastime is chosen by about 20% of respondents. The beauty of this type of hobby is that most entertainment does not require financial investments.
You just need to download the game to your gadget or computer or play through a special client. Professional players form teams and compete with rivals around the world. By the way, prize money often reaches several tens of millions of dollars. Thus, this hobby can potentially bring good profit.

Sport: Among teenagers of school age, sports are not as popular as reading and computer games.