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The Hawk's Eye 2nd Edition February 2023

by Cawley Newspaper Club


The Hawk's Eye
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2nd Edition
February, 2023
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Police Chief's Achievement Award
Written by: Lilah Dugas
Heart of the Hawk Mascot Auditions
Officer Bergeron was the recipient of The Police Chief's Achievement Award. This award is given out once a year to one or a few individuals. Officer Bergeron received this award for her outstanding performance as a School Resource Officer and a Hooksett Police Officer in general. Congratulations Officer Bergeron! You deserve it! Officer Bergeron "Made Her Mark and Made a Difference."
Written by: Sierra Nicholls
This February, the Heart of the Hawk group is holding auditions for the new mascot. Who
will show Cawley’s colors, and "Make Your Mark, and Make A Difference?" The person who becomes the mascot will learn a chant and cheer to pep up our school. Do you have the energy, cheerfulness, dance moves, and courage required? If you fit this criteria, then you stand a chance of becoming the Cawley mascot. If you think you do, then we have a Google form for you to fill out that will be posted on Schoology.
Builders Club News
Written by: Lilah Dugas, Emma Tilton, and Kara McIntyre
Adopt A Child
Poland Stocking
Adopt a Child is done every year, and the Builders Club, along with Family Services, find a family that they can help. They have a $100 limit per kid. This year, they helped siblings - a three month old girl, a six year old boy, and a seven year old boy. They got "something they wanted, something they needed, something to wear, and something to read." They were able to provide the three month old girl with diapers, onesies, a book, headbands, and a toy all within the budget. The six year old boy received Spiderman toys, shoes, two books, a sweatshirt, and some Spiderman walkie talkies for him to share with his brother. For the seven year old boy, they got wrestling toys, shoes, a sweatshirt, and two Bad Guy books. It was very successful and they had a lot of fun helping the kids out.
The Builders Club members in collaboration with the NH's Outstanding Teen, Corrine Kelly, this year helped make stockings for soldiers in Poland. The members did an excellent job putting the stockings together. In the stockings they put food, socks, hygiene products, Chapstick, and nail kits along with many other things. They managed to make six stockings in all. They also made cards for the soldiers. Corrine was very grateful for all of their work, and we are so glad our Cawley club could make a big difference for the soldiers.
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What's Happening
NJHS Pancake Breakfast & Bell Ringing
Spirit Week
Written by: Emma Tilton & Lilah Dugas
Written by: Maxine Ryan-Jacobson
The National Junior Honor Society Pancake Breakfast was a very successful event, and many families came to enjoy the food that was served by the NJHS members. They did an excellent job serving, taking orders, checking people in, and assisting in making pancakes. A special thank you to all of the staff who helped with the event and Mr. Gregoire, Mr. Davini, Ms. Levesque, and Mrs. Duchesne who helped put together the event!
The Builders Club and National Junior Honors Society took part in bell ringing at Shaws. Everyone who participated did an excellent job ringing bells and raised a lot of money for the Hooksett community. Thank you, Mrs. Crane, Mr. Gregoire, and Mr. Davini for assisting the students in ringing bells.
Spirit Week was a week with many fun activities and dress-up days. The days were Mountaineer Monday, Toasty Tuesday, Winter Solstice Wednesday, Tree Topper Thursday, and Festive Friday. On Mountaineer Monday, everyone wore plaid or flannel. Toasty Tuesday was when everybody wore blankets, fuzzy slippers, and socks. For Winter Solstice Wednesday, people wore lights, sequins, or sparkles. On Wednesday, there was also a hot chocolate party in the morning that the Student Council provided. Tree Topper Thursday was when people wore reindeer ears, stars, or anything that could be a tree topper. On Festive Friday, everyone dressed up in festive colors or outfits. There was also an activity in Flex called "Finish the Lyrics" where students would try to finish the lyrics to different holiday songs. One day during this week, Student Council members passed out candy canes for people coming into the building. A big shout out goes to the Student Council for providing this spirit week and to Mr. Hamilton for providing the festive music each morning!
What's Happening - 2
Chess Club
Written by: Emma Tilton
Hawks of the Month
Chess Club is an after school club where students can play chess.  Michael Cheung was asked what they did in Chess Club and he responded, ”In the Chess Club, we casually and formally play chess. Casual chess is simple, you get a board and some pieces, and play chess! Formal chess has a lot more rules in it.  There are a lot of other technicalities about formal chess, and this is used in chess tournaments.”  Currently, there are more than twenty people in their club and more are welcome. They have two tournaments coming up.  Michael was asked about these upcoming tournaments, and he said, “We have some tournaments coming up. The Individual Tournament is in the spring and is a chess tournament where everyone who joins plays for themselves. The next tournament is the team tournament where a chess team of four plays for the school. Both of these tournaments are hosted by Cawley!”  The tournaments are hosted all over New Hampshire, so it is very cool that Cawley can host some of the biggest ones!
Every month at Cawley Middle School, awards are given out to students to appreciate them for being an example of the word of the month. December's word was "charity". The students chosen for December were Lily Lever, Jason Gurung, Ryan Gaspie, Jackie Orr, Jon Grana, Ethan Burwen, Emily Little, Ella Liadis, Reese Cook, Ryan Lovejoy, Sawyer Labreche, Lily Magarian, Scarlett Singleton, and Cyril Wakim. Congratulations to all these students!
Robotics Tournament
Written by: Lydia Raymond
Cawley Middle School had two robotics teams, Red Square and Organized Train Wreck. They both competed at Hillside Middle School in Manchester and both teams competed very well. However, team Red Square earned a place in the state championship. On December 3rd, 2022, the Cawley Middle School Robotics Club, Red Square, went to Windham High School and competed against 45 other teams. In their last meeting they even added two more missions to their robot. The judges loved the design which was simple but effective. They also enjoyed their presentation and solution to electricity waste. The team had an amazing performance! Their coaches are very proud and believe they couldn’t have done better at the judging session. All of them worked very hard and should be very proud of themselves.
January's word, "initiative," was demonstrated by these amazing Cawley students: Elena Travassos, Brenden Dumont, Ella Harnisch, Ajdin Husejnovic, Joey Doyon, Isabella Fleming, Kaleigh Stephenson, Raphael Coll, Jace LaBranche, Violet Doty, Alvin Chalise, Lydia Raymond, Usman Ali, and Abigail Brown.
February's word, "empathy," has been displayed throughout the month. On February 17th, in honor of Random Acts of Kindness Day, students were asked to participate in an act of kindness. Stay tuned for the recognized students for February.
What's Happening - 3
Correction from 1st Edition: Cebastian Danton also performed at the October 26th Coffee House.
Written by: Alaina Spencer & Reid Hamilton
Coffee House

The Animal Keeping Club or A.K.C. is the newest club at Cawley. The A.K.C. is all about protecting the environment and learning about animals. Their first meeting was all about ideas, and in the second meeting, they started putting those ideas into action. One of their ideas was called “Rent-a-Plant.” Rent-a-Plant is where teachers can rent a plant and put it in their classrooms for the year. The A.K.C. would then water it every Friday. They have also been working on putting up posters around our community. These posters will promote a healthy environment and to protect the wildlife around us. They will also do some gardening around the school. There are a bunch of flower beds around the school, and the A.K.C. is planning on bringing them to life. The A.K.C. always starts their meetings with somebody sharing their knowledge about an animal they are passionate about. People have shared things about fish, horses, dogs, bears, and many more. The A.K.C. meets every other Friday in room 217 and is always looking for new members. If you want to join, email Mr. Hamilton.
Written by: Alaina Spencer & Reid Hamilton
On February 15, 2023, the Cawley band and chorus held their second coffee house. The coffee house is a fundraiser for the band and chorus. It is an opportunity for students who sing or play an instrument to perform in front of an audience. The students play a song of their choice which they have been practicing for a while. Treats, coffee, and hot chocolate were also served for the audience after the courageous and talented students performed. Students who performed included: Reid Hamilton, Michael Cheung, Ava Rozzi, Selena Alaias, Amelie Vigneau, Zachary Greenberg, Abigail Brown, Cebastion Danton, Ciril Wakim, Alaina Spencer, Ms. Goulakos, Mrs. Vanderhoek, and Mr. Davini. The evening was full of amazing music!
What's Happening - 4
7th Graders Visit Supreme Court
Written by: Emma Tilton & Lilah Dugas
PTA Sponsors Brain Games
Recently the seventh grade students had the amazing opportunity to go to the New Hampshire Supreme Court in Concord. Only 50 seventh-graders got to go to the Court. The students went in two different groups, one on February 2nd, and the other on February 16th. In order to go, they had to write a 500 word essay to either Ms. Gauvain or Mrs. Benotti, the seventh-grade social studies teachers. If they got accepted to go, they had to go to two Flex classes to meet with a lawyer.  The lawyer explained the case they would be arguing and gave them some more information about the court.  They then found a few things they could say about their side's argument. After they arrived at the Supreme Court, the students got to argue in a mock trial. There they acted as attorneys and lawyers and had to defend their cases to the “judges”.  Four speakers from each side went up and presented the judges with different reasons for why their side was right.  The judges were asking them questions which made them think on their feet and use their prior knowledge to answer the best they could.  The seventh-graders were then put in the judge's shoes.  They got to vote on other trials that had already taken place. They were given some information about the case and then were told to use what they already knew to decide who they thought was correct.  After they were done doing the mock trial and the other voting activities, they had the honor of meeting one of the Supreme Court Justices, James P. Basset, who told them about how he became a Justice and what his job was like.  All of the staff working with the students and the teachers said that they did an amazing job!
Written by: Robert Tremblay
On February 10th, the Hooksett PTA organized the annual competition of Brain Games. The rules were simple: if you get handed a card by a teacher, you go up, join a
team and compete. You get asked questions (which could be about anything), decide in your group what the answer is, and whichever group answers correctly first gets points. Also, there was a twist where the team had to do a dance, and if they didn’t do the dance, or did it incorrectly, they didn't get the points. There were five rounds of students who participated and one round with the teachers. The event was lots of fun!