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2022-23 The Hawk's Eye 1st Edition November 2022

by Cawley Newspaper Club

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The Hawk's Eye
1st Edition
November, 2022
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Mr. Benson - Citizen of the Year
Written by: Avery Phillips & Lydia Raymond
8th Grade Musical Reveal
Written by: Maggie McAuliffe & Lilah Dugas
The 2022 Lion's Club Hooksett Citizen of the Year dinner honoring Mr. Benson was held on Friday evening, October 14, 2022. Emcee of the event was News/NH Chronicle Anchor, Sean McDonald. This is a huge honor! The framed Hawks logo was presented to Mr. Benson from the Cawley staff and students. This gift was created from the fingerprints of many students and staff, showing that Mr. Benson has "Made his Mark and Made a Difference." Congratulations, Mr. Benson! You deserve it!
Every year, on October 31st, the students at Cawley Middle School find out what the 8th grade musical is going to be. This year it is going to be Shrek Jr. the Musical! The UA teachers dressed up as the characters from the movie/musical. Here is what they were: Mr. Clark (Health teacher) - Lord Farquaad, Mrs. Fuller (Art teacher) - blind mouse, Mrs. Meyer (21st Century teacher) - blind mouse, Mrs. Olsen (FACs teacher)  - blind mouse, Mr. Davini (Band teacher) - Pinocchio, Mr. Trimmer (Industrial Tech teacher) - gingerbread torturer, Señora Davila-Colon (Spanish teacher) - Puss in Boots, Ms. Yeaton (ALPs teacher) - Donkey, Mrs. Vanderhoek (Performing Arts teacher) - Princess Fiona, and Mrs. Vezina (ESL teacher) - Fairy Godmother. We all can't wait for this year's musical production! Good luck to all the 8th graders!
Clubs & Activities
Written by: Lilah Dugas & Emma Tilton
There are many interesting clubs at Cawley Middle School. The clubs are Builder's Club, Animal Keeping Club, Chess Club, Heart of the Hawk, Hawkapella, Chorus, Band, Jazz Band, NJHS, Unified Sports, Hawkbots, Student Council, and Newspaper Club!
In Band and Chorus you learn how to read sheet music, and learn how to sing or play certain notes and pitches. Some of the new clubs are the Animal Keeping Club where you work to keep animals safe and share your knowledge about them with others. The other new club is Heart of the Hawk! In Heart of the Hawk, you create a stronger Cawley Community. Chess Club is all about improving your skills and learning basic skills about the game.
In Builders Club you help to build a better community and volunteer in community service events! In Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Club (STEM Club), two teams are currently competing to launch a rocket and seeing who can make it go the highest. If you join the Student Council you can help plan events you and your peers can take part in. All of the clubs are very fun and cool to join.
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The Sport Report
Written by: Blake Merrow
Girls Field Hockey Team
Girls & Boys Cross Country
Cawley kicked off the fall season with another exciting year of Boys & Girls Soccer, Boys & Girls Cross Country, and Girls Field Hockey. The most important part of a team sport is the ability to work together toward a common goal, and that was evident with the Cawley fall teams.

Captain Jacoby Jordan explained the success of the Boys Soccer team, "This year was very successful. The team may have started off rough with the loss at South Meadow, but after that, we brought it together and went undefeated going 6-0 for the rest of the regular season. Then the playoffs arrived, and we were ready. We beat Litchfield 2-1 and went to the championship for the third year in a row. The team was more ready than ever and we were playing the only team that had beat us in three years. We worked together and overcame them, defeating them 2-0 and winning the championship three years in a row. This year's team was special because we all worked together very well."

The girls soccer team was 5-5 in the regular season, placing 4th overall. In the playoffs, they won the quarterfinal game and lost in the semifinals. Captain Courtney Russell shared, "We worked together and when we combined all the talents of each player we made a great team."

Cross Country teams pushed hard and competed in the Tri-county Championship. The Girls Cross Country team finished 5th place, while the Boys Cross Country teamed came in 2nd place overall. Coach Swiderski shared the reason for the team's success, "This season there was a lot of teamwork, encouragement of each other, and older athletes guiding and leading the newer team members."

The girls field hockey team had 4 wins, 1 tie, and 3 losses. They also made it to the semifinals against Bow. Captains, Cayden Madeiros and Madi Couture shared, "A team means working together as a group, while each player puts the team's needs above their own."
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Girls Soccer Team
Boys Champion Soccer Team
What's Happening
Written by: Lilah Dugas & Maggie McAuliffe
Firefighters Challenge
Clothing Drive
Written by: Alaina Spencer and Sierra Nicholls
The Firefighters Challenge is when each 7th grade homeroom takes a color drawn from a hat and creates a mascot, door decoration, and
The winning team - Mrs. Tanguay's class!
a banner that incorporates that color. They are also tasked to create a song and a chant that has to do with the firefighters' challenge, their color, and/or their mascot. Then each homeroom chooses two boy and girl runners who have to run through a course that the firefighters set up on the Cawley sports field. The boy runners and girl runners who complete the course in the shortest time each get a certificate that shows they won. Then the overall winning homeroom gets a certificate as well. It involves a lot of spirit, cheering, and effort!
Three Cawley Hawks, Emily Liadis, Ella Liadis, and Alaina Spencer organized a clothing drive from October 17th-31st. All of the bags they received went to the Kids Closet located in the Hooksett Town Hall. They received multiple bags filled with shirts, shorts, pants, and even lunch boxes! They all hope that these generous donations make people who don't have a lot of money to buy clothes very happy.
What's Happening - 2
Heart of the Hawk
Written by: Maggie McAuliffe
Hawks of the Month
Heart of the Hawk is a group of 7th and 8th graders whose goal over the year is raising school spirit and reminding everyone that we are Hawks! We make our mark and make a difference. Our amazing Officer Bergeron has made stickers for this club to give away to peers who go out of their way to help someone.
Coffee House
Written by: Lydia Raymond & Avery Phillips
On the night of Wednesday, October 26th, 2022, the band and chorus students of Cawley performed in the cafeteria of Cawley Middle School for a fundraising event to raise money for the music department. Students who chose to participate played or sang a song for the audience.  The performers brought in food for everyone to enjoy including coffee and hot chocolate. Many students performed including Jamie Godbout, Jon Grana, Amélie Vigneau, Alaina Spencer, William Mackey, Reid Hamilton, Abigail Brown, Abby Marcotte, Liz Rodriguez, Jackie Orr, Ceril Wakim, Maggie McAuliffe, and Michael Cheung.
September Hawks of the Month "Productive"
If you missed this one, luckily there is going to be another one this February. Congratulations to all the brave students who did perform! This opportunity was a chance to show off all the amazing talents that our school has and was a great opportunity for the performers to increase their confidence.
October Hawk of the Month "Proud"
What's Happening - 3
Written by: Maxine Ryan-Jacobson
Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Spirit Week
The Cawley community celebrated Red Ribbon Week on October 24th - 28th. Red Ribbon week is a nationally recognized event remembering a Drug Enforcement Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena who was killed in Mexico in 1985. Since October is also Bullying Prevention Month, students who are caught by staff, exhibiting positive interactions with their peers and school community, were awarded a red ticket. Those students were eligible to win Red Ribbon Week themed prizes donated by the Hooksett Police Department.
The red ribbon breakfast was a chance for schools to talk about what they are doing to help kids not get involved in substance abuse. Many different schools around the Manchester area including law enforcement came together to talk about substance abuse. The student speakers talked about all the different programs their schools offer to help with drug prevention.
Representative Chris Pappas with Cawley students Tim Dodd, Zach Greenberg, Josie Trippiedi, & Ava Sampson
Red Ribbon Week is also a spirit week at Cawley. Each day had a specific dress up theme.

Monday - "Proud to be Drug Free" - Students wore red to show their support for a drug free life.
Tuesday - "Peace Out to Drugs" - Students wore Tie-Dye.
Wednesday - "Team Up Against Drugs" - Students wore their favorite sports team gear.
Thursday - "Too Bright For Drugs" - Students wore neon.
Friday - "Our School Chooses to Be Drug Free" - Each grade level wore a Cawley color: Grade 6 - white, Grade 7 - yellow, Grade 8 - green.
What's Happening - 4
Written by: Abby Brown
Veterans Day Assembly
National Junior Honor
Society Induction
We had our Veterans Day Assembly on Thursday, November 10th. The assembly started with Boy Scout Troop 292 presenting our flag. Mr. Benson introduced the Veterans that came and the Founder of Honor Flight New England spoke about his inspiration for the organization. He showed a video of Veterans' reactions to the Honor Flights. The band and chorus did a great job with the chorus singing God Bless the U.S.A. and the National Anthem. The band played Grand Old Flag.
Written by: Lilah Dugas & Maggie McAuliffe
Cawley Chorus & Band Performed
The NJHS Induction Ceremony was held on Monday, November 7th, after school at 6:30. These 7th and 8th graders were chosen to be in NJHS by demonstrating, scholarship, service, citizenship, and character. These students are chosen to help out the community. The amazing students inducted into NJHS are Lilah Dugas, Kaileigh-Ana Mitchell, Tyler Elliott, Isabella Polyukhovich, Isabella Fleming, Maxine Ryan-Jacobson, Jamie Godbout, Emma Tilton, Rachel Griffin, Sebastian Uribe, Ella Harnisch, Matthew VanWagner, Travis Harressey, Thomas VanWagner, Lily Hoang, Jackson Waddington, Akash Kadariya, Madison Ward, Cara Mahn, Alexander Welch, Maggie McAuliffe, and Nicholas Zagaria.
Book Review
It's good to keep up on reading even outside of school. Here are some books from our library to get you started.
Book reviews by Maggie McAuliffe and Abigail Brown
Comic Panel 1
The Unteachables by Gordon Korman
No Place For Monsters
by Kory Merrit
Who Was Frederick Douglass
by April Prince
The Unteachables is a fantastic book about a class called SCS-8, also known as the Unteachables. They are the outcasts of the school who are impossible to teach, or are they? When it comes to saving Mr. Kermit’s job, maybe they aren’t so unteachable…
Suburbia appears to be a normal town. A normal town with a normal school, normal people, normal houses, and No Place for Monsters. Levi and Kat, some of the many normal people in the town are seemingly opposite kids with one thing in common. They are the only ones in their town who realize children are disappearing.
Who Was Frederick Douglass is about Frederick Douglass who was a man of change. He helped end slavery and was against inequality for black people and women. He created a newspaper and wrote several autobiographies. Frederick Douglass was definitely a huge part of American history.