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The Hawk's Eye 2nd Edition

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The Hawk's Eye
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2nd Edition
February, 2022
Robotics Club State Finals
Written by: Amelia Russell
The Robotics Club won the regional tournament and went on to the NH Robotics State Championship. There are two teams. One is called Indecisive Catastrophe and the other is called PECOS. The club had a prompt of how to improve global transportation and the teams had to create a presentation on the subject. They created a robot presentation which had to show the design and engineering of the robot. For the prompt, Team PECOS had a presentation on shared space roundabouts that would help improve how fast traffic is. Team Indecisive Catastrophe thought of the idea to use drones for package delivery for their presentation. We’re proud of our Robotics club for going to Championships and representing our school. Go Team PECOS and Team Indecisive Catastrophe!
Written by: Maggie McAuliffe
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Girls' Basketball Champions
The girls basketball team put up a great fight all season. Their hard work really showed. Ending the season with an amazing record: undefeated league (13-0), overall 18-3, and winning the Tri-County Championship. They worked as a team to bring home a championship win after 9 years! Awesome leadership from our 8th grade captains: Brooke Benz, Molly Knight, Lyla Norian, Bella Santosuosso, and Jada Vasquez. Way to go to our 8th grade athletes: Ava Cote, Taylor Elliot, Ayvree Hamilton, and Charlotte Larochelle. Thank you to all the girls who took time out of their lives to make us all proud!
Clubs & Activities
Spotlight - Student Council
Written by Maggie McAuliffe
These are words straight from our President, Jadyn Piccolo!
“The Student Council is doing many things. Some of the events the Student Council has done in the past are hard to do now because of COVID. We are trying to figure out how to put together fundraisers and other fun events throughout the school year that are COVID safe. The Student Council is about making the school a fun place to be. We do a lot of fundraisers to make that happen. All of the money collected from the fundraisers is put into each grade's treasury and that will help towards the funding of field trips. My goal for this school year is to put on as many events as possible because for the past two years we have not been able to do much because of all the COVID restrictions. Some inspiring words would be to make the best out of the situation you are in because many things have been rough for everyone lately, and if every makes it the best we can, we can still have a good time. If anyone has any ideas, please reach out to the Student Council Board.”
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Clubs & Activities
Winter Sports
Written by: Kara McIntyre & Maggie McAuliffe
The winter sports season was full of excitement with girls and boys basketball and cheer. We demonstrated lots of team spirit!
Girls Cheer: These amazing girls have defeated all odds this season, even the mask mandate that made it harder to perform. They cheered their hearts out at every game and ranked second in the Cheer Madness competition!
Boys Basketball: These boys have been working super hard. Ending the season with an impressive record: league 10-3, overall 16-6, and Tri-County Runners-Up. Way to go our 8th grade athletes: Brandon Dyer, Connor Dempsey, Gabe Johnson, Jack Welch, Kosta Vorias, and Ryan Bonilla.
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What's Happening
Winter Concert
Robotics Club cont.
The CMS Winter Concert took place on Wednesday, December 15, 2021. Led by our amazing choral and band directors, Mrs. Vanderhoek and Mr. Davini, the chorus and band performed four concerts that day. The Cawley Chorus sang The Star Spangled Banner, Light, and Christmas on Broadway. The Cawley Concert Band performed Twist and Shout and High Hopes. It was an amazing opportunity to showcase the musical talents of the students of Cawley.
Way to go to our two teams from the Robotics Club:
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Team Indecisive CAT-astrophe
Emmanuel Mokua
Sophie Molony
Zachary Greenberg
Aaden Lavin
Brody Walls
Nathaniel Baron
Quintin Molony
Trent Moody
Luke Parcel
Jamie Godbout
Nicholas Mason
John "Trip" Hanna III
Benjamin Ryerson
Cyril Wakim
August Weirich
Michael Cheung
Lyla Shea
Mrs. Sue Chow
Mr. DJ Lemmo
What's Happening - 2
Hawk of the Month
Each month students are recognized for displaying the character traits for the monthly word. The following are the Hawk of the Month words:
December - Charity
January - Responsibility
February - Honesty
Do you enjoy seeing all the creative Doodles on the Google homepage? Have you wanted to create your own Doodle for Google? This is your opportunity! The national competition of creating a “Doodle for Google,” has opened for entries. The deadline is March 4, 2022. Information regarding rules and how to enter can be found on the Doodle For Google Site.  

This is a great opportunity to show your creativity and possibly win some prizes. If you have any questions or need assistance, please see Mrs. Meyer in the computer lab room 122.
Book Review
“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”
― C.S. Lewis
Book reviews by Maggie McAuliffe
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Do you like dungeons, caves, elves, and EVIL kings? Then this book is for you. Wily is a boy (the trapesmith) who discovers that his whole life is a lie, and his father is an evil king. He, his group, and his half sister start on a journey to escape the rule of his father. Wily soon realizes he is the only one who can stop his father, so he sets out to destroy him. 

Author: Adam Jay Epstein
Lexile: 820, Pages: 311
BOOOOO! Did I scare you? No? Ok… Ghosts is a book about a girl named Catrina (Cat) who moved to the coast. Her sister has cystic fibrosis, so Cat is really protective of her. She hears stories from people around town about the amazing ghosts. She is doubtful until she sees them for herself. 

Author: Raina Telgemeier 
Lexile: 300, Pages: 239 

The winter season is a time for fun 
When snow is falling and warm weather's done 
Go outside and play in the snow 
When you come in you can have hot cocoa
Days are short and get dark soon 
Doesn’t take long before you see the moon 
Ice skating or skiing people do
Lots of birds have migrated too 
Winter is a time of joy 
So take it in and ENJOY!
By:Kara McIntyre
Winter Season