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2023-24 Hawk's Eye Edition 2

by Cawley Newspaper Club


The Hawk's Eye
2nd Edition
February, 2024
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Written by: Reid Hamilton
Holiday Concert at CMS
A Major New Mascot
On December 13, the Cawley Band, Chorus, and Jazz Band performed their Winter Concert at Hooksett Memorial, and a morning and evening concert at Cawley. It started out with the Jazz Band, led by Mr. Davini, playing Twist and Shout. After they performed, Mrs. Vanderhoek took over for the Chorus. Chorus sang four songs: Windy Nights, Winter Cannon, Imagine, and Jingle Bell Rock. The song Imagine had solos by Jackson Hayes, Sierra Nicholls, and Shelby Ryerson. Also unique to that song, Mrs. Yeaton and her Flex group signed the entire song. Next up was the Band led by Mr. Davini. They played three songs: Gates of Orion, Looking Up, Arabian Dances. Overall, the Jazz Band, Band, and Chorus did a fantastic job at the Winter Concert.
Written by: Amelie Vigneau
This year, Heart of the Hawk had new mascot-in-training and mascot handler tryouts for 6th graders. All 18 have been evaluated. Each applicant had to perform the Cawley cheer and was asked series of questions. The following questions were like: what do you do in the school; can you make it to games; what would you do if you were the mascot; do you participate in any afterschool activities; do you participate in spirit weeks; and, can you hype up a crowd? We are thrilled to announce the following 6th grade students were selected; for the mascot-in-training, Zoey Godbout and Genivyve Judge, and the mascot handler, Lily Fitzpatrick and Everly Fournier!

What's Happening
7th Grade Probability Fair
Written by: Abby Brown

On the days leading up to November 22nd, the seventh grade spent several math classes creating probability based carnival games. On the 22nd, they spent the day playing each other's games and handing out prizes to the winners. The requirement of the project was to write a proposal. Once approved, they started to build and make posters for their project. The game that got the most tickets belonged to Savanna Frost, Lexi Santilli and Ava Batchelor with 151 tickets. Most everyone was happy with how the fair turned out, including the teachers that directed it, Mrs. Tanguay and Mr. Palmeiri. Mrs. Tanguay said, “I loved the probability fair.  I think overall it was a great success.  Students really enjoyed creating the games and then playing the other team's games.  We will definitely have the fair next year....with some minor changes.” Mr. Palmeiri said, “My thoughts were that the day went great as well as the two days leading up to the event where students worked on their games in the classroom.  Students had a wonderful time playing each other's games” Overall, the fair was really successful and the students really enjoyed it. This year was the first year that the 7th grade had done a probability fair. Mrs. Tanguay spoke about how she got the idea, “I was perusing the internet looking for some ideas for Probability and found a Probability Carnival.  I bought the lesson plan and Mr. Palmeiri and I tweaked it to match our objectives.”
What's Happening - 2
Hour of Code
Written by: Amelie Vigneau
Hour of Code wasn’t just an hour for Cawley, it was a week! Every December, Computer Science Week is celebrated to promote the importance of learning programming.  During this time, schools around the world make a pledge to commit to one hour of programming using Hour of Code. This year was celebrated December 4th - 8th, 2023. Every day of that week students received an inspiring quote on the announcements from either an athlete or another coder! During the announcements it stated,”Hour of Code provides students the opportunity to explore computer science through fun activities for learners of all skill levels.” This year's celebration included both coding and AI activities with the theme of creativity. Cawley students joined the 100 million
Written by: Emma Tilton
8th Grade
LA Project
plus students worldwide who participated in Hour of Code.  Thank you, Mr. Benson, Mrs. Rogers, and Mrs. Meyer for making this week possible.
During the 8th Grade ELA classes the students were reading the book “Touching Spirit Bear” by Ben Mikaelsen.  They would read a chapter or two while taking notes and then discuss it with the class or in small groups. They connected these notes to Portrait of a Cawley Learner.  After finishing the book the teachers, Mrs. Saltus and Mrs. Gartland introduced a project. The 8th graders got to create totem poles of their own.  A totem pole is a pole with carvings on it, usually animals, the carvings tell a story or represent different traits.  For their project they had to do three things. Find an animal that shared some of the same characteristics as them, write one to two paragraphs about how they shared the qualities with the animal and one example of a time in their life that they showed these qualities, and create the animal to add to their classes totem pole.  To make their totem they used cereal boxes, paper, cardboard, and any other supplies needed to make their animals.  The totem poles look outstanding displayed in the 8th grade hallways and everyone who participated did an excellent job. 
What's Happening - 3
Tree Lighting Ceremony
Builders Club-Stockings for Soldiers
Written by: Haylee Messier
Written by: Kara McIntyre
The Tree Lighting Ceremony also known as “Light Up The Village” was held on December 1, 2023. The event included a variety of activities. The Cawley Chorus and Band performed at Robie's Store in Hooksett on Friday, December 1st from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Some of the songs were Frosty the Snowman, Drummer Boy, Jingle Bells, and many other Christmas carols. For those that needed to warm up, there was arts and crafts inside plus food trucks available to purchase yummy treats. This happens once every year so maybe next year you can watch it and spread some holiday cheer.

This holiday season the Builders Club made holiday stockings for the army. These are shipped all over the world to troops fighting overseas. They receive them at Christmas time. Inside of these stockings there are fruit cups, games, socks, granola bars and more. The Builders Club made twelve stockings in all. These supplies helped the troops and gave them some Christmas cheer. They started doing this last year. The organization they make the stockings for is run by last year's New Hampshire’s Outstanding Teen. The soldiers eat the food, play the games, and the socks are great for their sore feet. Builders club also made cards for the soldiers and were happy to help the brave soldiers fighting have a happy holiday.
What's Happening - 4
Written by: Chris Libby
Student Council Spirit Week
Hot Chocolate Social
Written by: Lucas Cox
The Cawley Student Council did a lot to celebrate the holiday season. There were themed events including a fun week based around winter that happened before December break. Monday was about wearing red and green, Tuesday was ugly sweaters, Wednesday was wearing your comfiest clothes, Thursday was wearing borrowed clothes, and finally Friday was wear flannel. The week was full of fun and interesting dress up days and Holiday activities.  There was a school dance on January 19th. This time, the dance was held after school and offered dancing, playing basketball, and board games.  
On December 20th, the Student Council treated Cawley students to a morning delight by hosting a hot chocolate social. Held in the cafeteria, students got to enjoy hot chocolate with marshmallows while talking to their friends. It was well received by the students who enjoyed the extra time to chat with their friends. The 8th grade went at 8:00, the 7th grade went at 8:40, and the 6th grade went at 9:30. Student Council member Alex Stevens said “The Student Council chose to do it because we thought that it would be a nice break from the usual school day.”
What's Happening - 5
Written by: Mason Fay & Cam Gordon
State of NH Supreme Court 7 Grade Field Trip
Portrait of a Cawley Learner: Perseverance
Written by: Sierra Nicholls and Alaina Spencer
On December 4th and December 11th, select groups of 7th Grade students went to the New Hampshire Supreme Court for a field trip. As explained by Ms. Gauvain, the 7th Grade Social Studies teacher, "The purpose of the NH Supreme Court trip was for students to experience in person how our government functions and the impact our government's decisions can have on every one of us everyday. The benefits of going on the field trip are having the opportunity to simulate a Supreme Court case and interact with lawyers, Supreme Court justices, and other real court staff." This event was truly a once in a lifetime experience!
Portrait of a Cawley learner flies high with its new presence at Cawley. The last trait was responsibility, now it is perseverance. This program is trying to get middle schoolers proficient in this trait and ready for beyond middle school. Mrs. Yeaton, the ALP’s teacher at Cawley Middle School, teamed with the science classes to explore the challenges in the Cawley Creator lab to develop their perseverance skills. She starts off by listing the activities, “MaKey MaKey, Keva Planks, Lilbits, Cubelets.” She continues, “Knex, paper circuits, and small motors. I chose these specifically because I wanted kids to experience a challenge.” She explains how the activities helped students with perseverance, “they had never used the tools before. I purposely did not provide huge instruction so it was a challenge.” Mrs. Yeaton then tells us what she saw in the middle schoolers. “I saw a lot of laughter and smiles. They were having fun.” In conclusion, the Perseverance Lab was a success! It gave the opportunity for students to experience a challenge, and to persevere.