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The Hawk's Eye 3rd Edition 2023

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The Hawk's Eye
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3rd Edition
April, 2023
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Written by: Sierra Nicholls
Shrek the Musical, Jr. at the Cawley Stage
Written by: Kara McIntyre and Emma Tilton
March is Middle School Month
Shrek the Musical, Jr. showcased the dedication and devotion put in by 126 of our 8th grade students. The production was student led with the cast under the direction of Mrs. Vanderhoek and Mr. Davini, set construction led by Mr. Trimmer, set design led by Mrs. Fuller, costume design led by Mrs. Olsen, and marketing design led by Mrs. Meyer. One act was even student choreographed by 8th grader, Lauren Stowell. The musical T-shirt featured original artwork from 8th grade students, Karli Sirois (front of shirt) and Kayley Kubat (back of shirt).

Four amazing performances took place on Thursday, April 6th, and Friday, April 7th, with daytime performances for students and evening shows that welcomed over 200 attendees each night. For the Memorial performance (which took place on Thursday, April 6th) students in the cast featured: Zachary Greenburg as Shrek, Lyla Shea as Fiona, and Timothy Dodd as Donkey. The Cawley performance that took place on April 7th featured: Travis Harressey as Shrek, Ava Sampson as Fiona, and Tyler Chauvette as Donkey. Check out the musical website for photos and videos of behind the scenes.
During the month of March, we celebrated Middle School Month. Middle School Month is a celebration of Middle Schools. It celebrates us - the students. We did lots of fun activities and each grade competed hard, putting their all into the competitions, and activities. Thank you so much to Mr. Hamilton, Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Benotti, Ms. Gibson, Ms. Goulakos, Mrs. St. Pierre, Ms. Thompson, Mr. Benson, Mrs. Brewitt, and Mr. Middleton. Some of the events were Bean Bag Toss, Paper Dragon, Hula Hoop, Hula Hoop Relay Race, Limbo, Balloon Pop, Speed Stack, Musical Spots, Paper Airplanes, and the Obstacle Course. We had a blast and every grade had so much fun! There was a lot of Cawley Spirit, and it made the year very enjoyable. We were so happy to do it this year, and we can't wait to do it again next year. This Middle School Month tradition has brought out Cawley's spirit and showed people what our school stands for.
What's Happening: Middle School Month
Dodgeball Tournament
Spirit Week
Written by: Kara McIntyre & Emma Tilton
Written by: Kara McIntyre
On April 17th, the whole school competed in the dodgeball tournament.  Congratulations to the 6th grade winners, the Dodgeball Busters, the 7th grade winners, The Gang, and the 8th grade winners, The Rizzards. On the 6th grade winning team was Chase Ferrell, Ryan Lovejoy, Nolan Murphy, Mason Fay, Noah Huston, Mason Valcourt, Jake Santosuosso, Xavier Vasquez, Cameron Gordon, and Travis Gallagher.  On the 7th grade winning team was CJ Silvia, Logan Dulac, Conner Marshall, Gavan Shea, Xander Welch, Gage Dion, Winston George, Max Laliberte, Emmanuel Mokua, and Mr. Trimmer.  On the 8th grade winning team was Ryson Michaud, Braden Connolly, Jacoby Acevedo, Owen Huard, Jackson Ferrell, Mrs. Swiderski, Dom LeBranche, Jacoby Jordan, Tim Evans, and Akash
Spirit Week was one of the best weeks of Middle School Month.
Kadariya.  All the teams that competed worked hard, and all the fans were very supportive. Overall, the dodgeball tournament was a lot of fun!
Not only did we have a pep rally, a Friday night dance, twin day, flex activities, and more, it was the time for students to show their spirit! People went all out on Friday to show support for their grade's, and our school’s, colors. Sixth grade wore white, seventh grade wore yellow, and eighth grade wore green. We had some amazing twins (and triplets, quadruplets,etc.) who showed their Cawley spirit! The pep rally was a blast. Each grade showed how much they were willing to fight for the win! On Monday, the grades faced off in a flex activity that required students to match teachers to a future career choice. The students really stepped it up and showed how much school spirit exists here at Cawley!
Graffiti Wall
Written by Emma Tilton
All of the students had the opportunity to make graffiti words for the graffiti word wall as a part of Middle School Month. The students got to pick one of five words for their graffiti word. They also had to pick a style and the colors for their word.  When they were done with their designs, they put them on the wall in the cafeteria. All of the students who participated did an amazing job, and all the words looked great.
What's Happening: Middle School Month
Written by: Robby Tremblay
Mardi Gras Parade
Foreign Language Week
Written by: Abby Brown
On the days leading up to Mardi Gras, a French festival with parades and music, students in Monsieur Bickford's class made mini-floats, mostly styled like real Mardi Gras floats! Each group of students got to name their "Krewe" or their group. It was really fun, and a lot of great floats were created. Spanish class did their version, Carnival, which is a popular Spanish holiday with many similarities to Mardi Gras. Spanish class students made masks and floats too; theirs were bejeweled and feathered. Both were pretty fun, and they were both a great representation of the real holidays.
Following the day of the Middle School Month kickoff assembly, the scavenger hunt began. Students searched high and low for Eiffel Towers and Sugar Skulls. At the end of a few days, there were only 12 left in the school. Sixth grade found the most with a score of 34 sugar skulls and Eiffel Towers. Seventh grade came in second with 28 sugar skulls and Eiffel Towers. And eighth came in a close third with 26 Eiffel Towers and sugar skulls. Wednesday of that week, there was a dress-up day when students dressed up as their favorite book or movie character. And by the end of the week, the score was: grade 6 with 16 points, grade 7 with 9 points, and grade 8 with 10 points.
What's Happening: Middle School Month
What's Happening - 2
Student Led Food Drive
Written by: Sierra Nicholls
In February and March, a Cawley Food Drive was put in place by 6th graders, Addison Allen, Sierra Nicholls, Aida Omerbegovic, and Lily Parker.
Hawks of the Month
The goal of these students was to donate food to those in need. To do so, they needed to have enough food to donate to Hooksett Family Services, and with the help of many generous middle schoolers, enough canned food had been gathered. Addison Allen, the student who decided to start the food drive said, “I chose to do this to help people in need because they usually only get donations mostly during the holidays.” Another helper, Lily Parker, said, “What enticed me to help with the food drive is that I was present in the situation and thought that my fellow classmates could use some help.” Make sure to always help those in need of comfort, food, clothes, and more!  
These students truly demonstrated the Cawley spirit of “Make Your Mark, Make A Difference.”
National Poetry Contest
Written by: Maxine Ryan-Jacobson
This year is the 27th annual poetry contest run by The America Library of Poetry. The contest is nationwide and includes students from grades 3-12. There are opportunities for young poets to be published. The grand prize is $500! The deadline to enter the contest was April 30th.  Cawley students made fifty-one submissions this year.
Congratulations to the February "Hawks of the Month" for best representing the word "empathy": Nathaniel Andrade, Charlie Dick, Olivia Florenzo, Jonathan Palazzo, Isabella Silva, Sophie Molone, Natalie Bergeron, Mason Fay, Abigail Brown, Xavier Vasquez, Carter Casey, and Jack DeFreitas.

Congratulations to the March "Hawks of the Month" for best exemplifying the word "courage": Langley Whitney, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Jay Orr, Maxine Ryan-Jacobson, Jazmin Gudiel, Anastasia Judge, Kyrylo Yelisisiev, Nolan Murphy, Jaelyn Breton, Nolan Murphy, Abi Marcotte, Cohen Veilleux, Oliver Daniels, and Brody Meyers.
What's Happening - 3
Pi Day - 3/14
Written by: Reid Hamilton
Pi day is a holiday that celebrates Pi, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. It falls on March 14 (3/14) because of the first numbers of Pi: 3.14. Pi has been used for over 250 years, and it was first introduced by William Jones in 1706. However, the symbol didn’t become popular until Leonhard Euler made it popular. Even some famous scientists have connections to Pi. Albert Einstein was born on March 14, Pi Day. Pi is still being calculated by a computer, and the most anybody has memorized of it is 70,000 decimal places. Rajveer Meena achieved this amazing goal, and it took him 10 hours to do it. Pi is infinite so no one will ever be able to recite every single digit. On June 8, 2022, there were a total of 62.8 trillion digits calculated in Pi. Pi is truly an amazing ratio. To celebrate Pi day, the 6th grade does stations throughout the first half of the day where the teachers talk about pi. They then had a pi ceremony, ate a lot of pie, and made a color-coded paper chain. The 7th grade ran around the bus loop 3.14 times, recited the digits of pi in a memorization contest, and did crosswords and sudoku with words that started with pi-.
Chess Club
Written by: Reid Hamilton

On February 24th, the chess club completed a four round, in-school tournament.  This tournament took place over four weeks to see who was the best player in the school.  There was a tie for first place; both players had 4-0 perfect records.  Congratulations to Michael Cheung and Jamie Godbout for winning the co-championship. With 3-1 records, 8th graders, Briar Smith and Trip Hannah, and 7th grader, Ethan Back, all tied for 3rd place. These five people received trophies for doing so well in the tournament: Jacob Cox, Brendan Dumont, Kellen Duval, Dameon Gallos, Rudy Ogden. Jacob Shappell, Cohen Shields, Kyle Beckwith, Adhvik Saravanan, Matthew VanWagner, Thomas VanWagner, Cebastain Danton, William Noterangeli, and Theresa Storey all got honorable mentions for taking part in the tournament. Congratulations to all who participated!
On April 15, the chess club participated in the 2023 New Hampshire Team Chess Championships. The tournament was here at Cawley, and 70 people competed in it. Cawley's team had Michael Cheung, Jamie Godbout, Trip Hanna, and Ethan Back who had three wins and one loss. The team that had Aaden Lavin, Tim Dodd, Cohen Shields, and Kellen Duvall won 3rd place. Aaden Lavin got a trophy for being the top board one player.
Orlin Hadjiev achieved the overall best board-two medal. Orlin was one of the two people to get a perfect score. The best part though was when Cawley was awarded with the first annual award for the greatest number of participants in the entire state.