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Jack and the Beanstalk

by Kyle


Fung Kai Innovative School
Once upon a time, there was a hot desert. And a lot of needy families lived there. Jack and his mother were one of the families that lived there. His father had died years ago. In the desert, there was a river. They had nothing to sell. Every morning, evening, and night, Jack needed to go to the river for water.
 Unluckily, one day the river ran out of water. There was no more water for them.
Jack’s mother told Jack to sell the house for money to buy food and water to survive, so Jack went to the desert market to sell the house. Soon, an old man bought the house. They made a lot of money.
 Jack and his mother became homeless and slept outside on the sleeping bags.
He was sad and wanted to use the money to buy magic beans, to grow for good fortune and luck." I want to buy magic beans with all the money", he said. However, his mum disagreed. She wanted to buy a cow."You need to buy a cow for our family" she said. The cow would give them unlimited milk. He did not listen to his mum. He went to the market quietly and secretly to buy magic beans.
Jack came back at night back. His mum was sleeping peacefully. He planted the magic beans in the desert and went to sleep on his sleeping bag. The next day, Jack saw that the magic beans grew up into a large beanstalk that went all the way up to the sky. He was curious. He saw that his mum was still sleeping and decided to climb up the beanstalk to see how far it was and where it grew. Jack climbed the beanstalk with all his might and strength. When Jack reached the top, he saw a beautiful, big castle.
It was huge. He walked towards it silently and slowly. Jack knocked on the door. A few seconds later, a huge ugly lady came out and opened the door ‘Who are you?’ the lady asked . Jack was scared and said softly, ‘I……I am Jack.’ ‘Well, come in then.’ Jack saw a lot of things inside. He saw a table, a bedroom and a lot of things. Then the giant lady used her magic wand to light the fire.
Jack was shocked because he had never seen someone light a fire like this before.
Then, the giant lady began to cook dinner. She went to the kitchen. Suddenly, Jack saw a bag full of coins, so he tip-toed to the bag. He lifted the bag and threw some coins into his sleeping bag that he was carrying along with him.