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Early Childhood Activity Booklet

by Gisela Perez


Culminating Project: Early
Childhood Activity Booklet
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By Luz G. Perez
ECE 511
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The purpose
of this booklet is to help educators and caregivers understand the stages of
language development in children from birth until about age nine. It is also a
good resource for understanding literacy development. It explains how children
start acquiring and developing literacy as early as the toddler years. It is a
helpful tool for caregivers because caregivers are not only given the stages of
language development but also an explanation of activities that can be done at
home to help children with literacy development. This booklet supports various
learning levels because it explains what children can do progressively from the
infant years until the primary years. It also includes lesson activities that
support literacy development in the classroom and at home. In addition, it is a
good resource for teachers that service English language learners because it
provides activities that accommodate the needs of these type of learners. Finally,
it provides assessment tools for teachers to use during or at the culmination of
the lesson plans included. The information is research-based because it is used
from the textbooks written by Machado (2016) and Towell et al. (2017).
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Section 1: Infant
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0-3 Months
Startles to loud sounds.
Stops sucking in response to sound.
Prefers a human voice.
Recognizes familiar sounds and language

 (Elhady, 2019)
language and literacy milestones that occur
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End 3 Months

Smiles-you appear

Cooing sounds

Quiet/smiles-spoken to

Recognizes voices

Cries according to needs

(2021, Language development:
Speech milestones for babies)
End 6 Months

Gurgling sounds-

Babbles/makes a variety of sounds

Uses voice -express pleasure and displeasure

Moves eyes- direction of sounds

Responds- tone of 

Notices sounds

Attention to music

(2021, Language development: Speech milestones for
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End 12 Months
Imitates speech sounds
Says: "dada," "mama
Understands "Come here"
Recognizes common items
Turns and looks- sounds

(2021, Language development: Speech milestones for

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End 18 Months

Recognizes people, objects &
body parts

Follows simple directions

Says as many as 10 words

(2021, Language development:
Speech milestones for babies)
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End 24 Months

Phrases- “more milk"

Asks two-word questions

Simple commands Simple questions

 50 words or more Speaks well enough to be
understood (2021, Language development: Speech milestones for babies)