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apocalypse zombie

by Nelson Bejarano


zombie apocalypse
narrator: the apocalypse start by a government experiment which ended up being a viruz. he said that the apocalypse start by a governament experiment.
narrator: This virus spreads throughout Latin America because a scientist wanted to make a drink with that experiment and another scientist told him to not do that because "if you play with fire you get burn". but the scientist said: i am god. he said that he was god. and he kill the scientist and created the new drink.
narrator: and after this that was done to know more about the story, let's start
Maria: i am maria and i an in a group of survivals and the members of this group are matias, alejandro, the lider alexander, antonella and 3 soldiers with names: alvaro, abraham and sebastian. we are in the apocalypze in colombia.
Maria: oh alexander with have little food we need to go to pick some food. alexander: mmm ok maria, alvaro go to pick food. Maria: no! send more people remember that "two heads are better than one"
Alexander: ok but remember that i am the lider of the group but its ok. he said that he was the lider of the group.
Alexander: i going to send alvaro, antonella and sebastian
Alvaro: where can we go? we have to find enough food to eat for several months.
oh you listen It seems that screams come from over there, i go to see, he told that he go to see. Sebastian: no! dont go we only need food remember that "curiosity killed the cat". Alvaro: mmmm ok. antonella: oh alvaro! sevastian! see! that is a place of food. lets go!. be careful there may be zombies, oh is that a zombie? sebastian: I will go to see. Antonella: okay. or wait don't shoot alvaro !. hey why did you shoot it could have been a person! remember "not judge a book by its cover". Alvaro: I'm sorry but there is no turning back, take all the food you can and run because that shot alerted the zombies. sebastian: oh no, run the zombies are entering shoot! Alvaro: I'll stay to cover. antonella: no, why? you need to come with we. Alvaro: sorry but i need to cober because i am the best tirator of the group, he said that he was the best tirator of his group.

Antonella: hello maria, alexander, abraham, matiaz and alejandro.
Maria: oh hello they are back, where is alvaro? Antonella: he .. he died. Alexander: oh no sorry i need to take care more of we because i am the leader, but we will always have it in our hearts. Abraham: Be careful zombies are coming !. this refuge is no a safe zone. watch out! Maria: oh no they bite matiaz, alejandro and abraham. Alexander: we can't do anything we'll have to leave this place you here just run!
Maria: Look at a helicopter, we can get out of here. but the helicopter is not coming here, Alexander: it does not matter remember "If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain"