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by mariem hasni

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Hasni Mariem

Student's Book
Second Year Secondary
Theme :family life
lesson:The image of who I am
Skills or subskills : speaking , reading
Functions : *expressing want or desire
*talking about oneself and one's family
Grammar : I want to + verb/ I'd like to +verb
Vocabulary : Appreciation - path- be willing to - yell - accomplish -protection- guidance - trouble -comment
LESSON 1: The Image Of Who I Am
Step one :
1- complete the top part of the spider gram with the appropriate words . The first letters have been given to you .
Rounded Rectangle
Rounded Rectangle
parents provide their children with
Rounded Rectangle
Rounded Rectangle
Speech Bubble
Speech Bubble
Speech Bubble
2- Examine these teenagers' opinions and comment upon them.
Whenever I get into trouble , I resort to my friends only
Speech Bubble
Teenager 1
My parents are the only holders of the truth.
Teenager 2
Speech Bubble
Teenager 3
I'm responsible enough to take care of myself .I don't need my family's help.
Speech Bubble
Step two
1- Read the title, the first sentence and the last sentence of the text.

I want to be remembered as someone who saw life full of possibilities.Iwant to be remembered as someone who readily gave appreciation and support towards others.Iwant to be remembered as someone who planned a future out for herself and
followed it. Making a clear path for myself will not be easy.Support from my parents and friends encourage me to keep on trying. Being with my family gives me a feeling of safety. Having the opportunity to talk to family,when I need to, helps me to be open towards them. When I have a question to ask my parents, they are always willing to listen to what I have to say. When I do get in trouble,they do not yell at me, but tell me the consequences that might happen. Loving and caring for each other is what holds us together. A family is not a family without love.
Talking about my future and getting school accomplished, I would have to thank my parents for their support. My parents support me as I choose what I want to do
with my future. " What do I have to do in order to become a pediatrician ?". Without hesitation they tell me how much school I would have to go through. To believe in myself, I would have to be self-confident enough to achieve my goal. Being around the people I care about has expanded my knowledge of life. My friends have taught me to value our friendship making sure they know I will always be there. My friends and I help each other out when we are stressed and having a difficult time. Without my parents and friends I would be lost, they are the ones who guide me through life.
a- Do you think the speaker is like A,B,or C in stage One or has she got a different opinion?
b- Read the whole text and check your answer.