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St. Michael's Stories 2020

by Mary Sorohan

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Scoileanna Ildánacha / Creative Schools
St. Michael's B.N.S.
Project at Home 2020!
St. Michael's B.N.S.-
Our Project at Home
Artwork: Oleg, 4th class

For our Project at Home 2020, we remembered our great art classes with Stephen, just before the school closed because of Covid19. We learned the skills of drawing and painting. Stephen showed us how to draw birds and animals that we see in our local area.

We looked closely our at our own small environments of gardens, balconies, park, green areas, rivers, ponds and streams.

We noticed lots of things happening in nature – the leaves are growing on the trees, flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing around from flower to flower, there are earthworms in the garden and the birds are singing.

This book shows you what we drew, the poems we created and our creative writing!
4th Class

Above: Matas
Left: Sandro
Right: Patryk
Writing: Igor
Artwork: Igor
Artwork: Szymon
3rd class
Artwork: Patryk
Turtle facts by Tudor