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Living Laudato Si' (2nd Book)

by Barrera Alex Marie


Living Laudato Si'
By Alex Barrera
Pope Francis insisted that climate is a good thing... it is meant for all, it is meant for everyone to enjoy the sun, rain, snow, leaves falling, and many more. However, due to global warming, climate changes result in long-term damage: environmentally, physically, emotionally, and the overall health of all living creatures is slowly getting at risk. the continuous change gives constant rise in the sea levels, it also results in extreme weather event changes. All of this is because of humanity's ignorance to care for the environment. Countless negative effects can be experienced by all of us living in this world, and if we aren't going to act the soonest, the climate as a common good, will not be meant for all anymore. That is why we as an individual should fight for everyone's rights. This coming election, let us choose the leader that cares not just for the people, but for the environment to heal as one.
If the world becomes permanently tainted with trash together with the unavoidable contaminations of germs and viruses, mankind is the one responsible. As a result, future generations will suffer and automatically will atone for the sins of their ancestors. Today, globalization around the world is the biggest competition among countries which leads to the neglect of care in our common homes and families. We tend to think for our own safety, rather than the safety of the environment, which in fact is wrong because a healthy environment will lead to a healthy society. The pollution, waste, and throwaway culture lead us to become materialistic rather than being simple. If we fail to act urgently, then the danger of the global climate emergency will soon become impossible to revive. That’s why my classmate, Euc Bansagen who reported this lesson taught us to become mindful and respectful not just in our common home and environment, but also to the people and the future generations to come.
If water will have lesser quality due to neglect of one's responsibility to care for our common home, all life will be affected, especially in terms of health because we need water to survive. We can live for a week without food, but we cannot survive for more than three days without water. I remember when NASA was in search of habitual planets, the number one criteria was for them to find water supply because it is where all life forms strive. it is our support, together with oxygen. without water, we'll die... period. It is essential to the point where all creatures, both terrestrial and aquatic organisms need it. Now the challenge is the people living below the poverty line. They struggle every day just to have a source of food and water. For us to help, let us recycle water, DO NOT WASTE WATER FOR GOODNESS SAKE. Other planets don't have life because there is no water present. Hence, don't make our planet Earth inhabitable by using the excess water only for granted.
"Bio" means life while "diversity" means variety. Hence, biodiversity is everything that has life! humans, animals, sea creatures, plants, bacteria, fungi, germs, and viruses. We are all connected to one other, both negatively and positively. We teach one another how to know love and respect; to stay mediocre in life. But due to the different activities, humans are continuously making, loss of forests, habitat, and uncontrolled fishing are being held—which puts other living creature's life in danger. that is why, people with warm hearts and benevolence show care for the planet by doing rehabilitation of wildlife, both terrestrial and aquatic. all to make sure that the loss of biodiversity wouldn't be in much of a danger anymore.
I don't know why but, human life really does not have to be high maintenance. You just need your knowledge, values, loved ones, adequate amount of money, faith, and care for others. People tend to forget the basics of how to live a simple life while in fact, living a simple life will make you feel more whole as a person because you don't need unnecessary things for you to become happy. We are congested in a way that more material things will make you successful and fulfilling. Remember that the quality of life as a member of society means living up to your role how to becoming an inspiration to the next generation. Let kindness and purity of heart mend us all to become one whole part of living simply in our common home.
We are all created equal but we aren't born and lived in this equally. the world is an unfair place, yes... and I mean it because we all live in different households, where different values are taught. some children learned how to be brave, and others grow through experience. we all have our ups and downs, we don't have the same rights, opportunities, and personalities but it does not mean we should discriminate against others. All our privileges are not the standard of wealth, it is the status on how you can help people. Wars, colonization, politics, trade—don't let these temptations get into you because real equality starts from education, support, and equal rights. IT ALL BEGINS AT HOME. Be an example of change, to combat global inequality ☺
Despite the challenges every human being encounters in his or her life, one must not forget the environment we live in, is also a challenge. I must admit, we do have a weak response when it comes to this topic. On the other, I also admit that we are slowly in the process of change, it's just that there is numerous hindrance swarming around us. Pope Francis mentioned many obstacles our world has today. One of which is the eccentric political views our "leaders" have. If the administration does not think of the welfare of the environment and its people, the never-ending cycles of corruption and selfishness will just be there till the end. That's why we as youth should be opening our eyes because we cannot just depend on the adults anymore. When we are young, they assumed that we know nothing... so this is the time when we shall be the heroes of tomorrow. Let these weak responses be our strength and inspiration to strive harder for everyone's tomorrow.
Opinions do matter. It may be a kid, toddler, child, students, graduates, workers, priests, politician, nuns, indigenous people, elders, even those who cannot communicate... all of us have opinions and it does matter because our opinions reflect how well or how updated we are in our world today. The variety of opinions everyone has creates an impact that will influence our future.
We must acknowledge that there is no single way of reading and shaping reality that will produce answers. Respect must also be shown for different peoples' cultural resources, such as art and language, as well as their inner self and spirituality. It is helpful to people and the planet as a whole when believers better understand the ecological commitments that come with our beliefs.
We all know that the universe is full of mesmerizing things, objects, discoveries, facts, and experiences. Although we knew something, it does not mean that we know everything. If you were to ask me, who's the greatest artist of all time? My answer would be God. He's who created the universe and we never know, maybe there are other living creatures out there in our galaxy. I am writing this because I want to tell everybody that if there's a chance that humanity will see other life forms similar to us human beings, I hope that our planet would not be a disgrace to them. I want to see a world where we care for our common home and share our knowledge on how to spread love, kindness, and hope to each other. God's creation, nature, world, a natural phenomenon... all of this will be in the hands of human responsibility—to protect God's creation and develop to its potential so that, mother Earth will also protect mankind from destruction. Our very existence is proof that our common home is significant and beautiful in its little ways!
I have discerned that every man and woman is created out of God's love. We are created in his image and likeness, hence, there is no being created for evil's the temptations that humans encounter. We have three fundamental relationships: God, neighbor, and Earth. These three create harmony and if it were to be imbalanced, chaos will occur. That is why the Bible is present: we may not see God physically, but He's in the Bible, ready to tell stories that will make our lives simple, Jesus-centered, achiever, and being available to serve
It means that we are all linked to one another whether we realize it or not. I always say to myself that we cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone. If a person is privileged with money or material possessions, share them with others. After all, Wisdom said that the created things of this world aren’t a person’s ownership: “For they are yours, O Lord, who love the living”. What I really love about his topic is that having deep communion with other living creatures and natures, whether we see, smell, touch, or feel it, EMBRACE THEM because through deep communication, we would be able to give our tenderness, compassion, and concern to our fellow human beings.
This is very much aligned to the context of knowing the common good—it is shared by a number of people that will surely be beneficial to all. Now, how is it related to the common destination of goods? It is said that the Earth belongs to God, and He intends to provide its people with different resources in accordance with their needs, for them to live with dignity. Meaning to say, God will provide us with things that will help us live a good life. We don’t need too much money or too many things for us to enjoy it alone, because, through that, real happiness will not be possible. Genuine happiness will happen if we will lend everything that we have to those in need because, through that, we practice equity wherein fairness is being exercised. Principles of the destination of goods include people putting their thoughts into action, practicing each and everyone’s moral rights and actions, inviting other people to promote fairness and solidarity to bring everyone closer to Christ, and most importantly, having the effort to contribute to society. Remember that the destination of common goods will go to those who are in need and those who deserve it. Hence, let’s help these people to get their needs in life so we can live together with comfort and equity.