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12.2020 Dissemination and Management Activity: The approval of the project is announced on the school's official website, on local news, in newspapers, online. We published the approval, content, participating countries, the value of the grant, project period, other relevant information. All partners organized a meeting in their schools to review the project teams and select students and teachers for the project teamsErasmus+ boards will be prepared in schools. The project file is created. We created a project Facebook page(responsible partner: Italy), YouTube Channel (responsible partner: Croatia), website (responsible partners: Portugal). eTwinning project will be updated (responsible partners: Poland and Turkey) Evaluation: In each activity, one partner is responsible for the evaluation of it. Questionnaires is prepared by asking open-ended questions about the project and participating schools in all partner schools.
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01.2020 Launching the project on eTwinning, work on Twinspace: All partners will mark their schools on a common digital map. They will also introduce their countries, cities and schools using Web 2.0 tools. Students registered on Twinspace. Students introduced themselves using the Web 2.0 tool and took part in the Forum to communicate with students from other countries.
All project students took part in a pre-survey
Students prepared slogan, logo and poster ideas. They created national competitions to choose one slogan, logo and poster per country. In national competitions, all students, teachers, parents and other people connected with each partner school can take part. All results are shown on Twinspace.
Evaluation: In each activity, each partner is responsible for the evaluation of the activity. Two stars and a wish. I like ..I like ... I wish..
03/04.2021 Preparing the transnational learning teaching training activity in Poland which could be postponed because of the COVID-19
Students are familiarised with the host country Poland and its culture. Students working on Forum on
Twinspace will prepare some games – quizzes about what they know about Poland and play them. It will be
the first part of our final product ebook “Shall we play a game?” – an ebook about five European countries and
their cultures with games.

The mobility is postponed because of COVID 19