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Once upon a time a lion, the king of the jungle was sleeping under a tree. A little mouse jumped on him. Soon, the lion woke up, picked up the mouse, and opened his mouth to eat him.

"I'm sorry to wake you up. Please don't eat me. I can help you one day." The mouse is begging.

"Ha ha ha ha..... That's funny! Ok, I'll let you go now." The lion said.
A few days later, a hunter's net fell on the lion. The lion couldn't get out. The mouse saw the lion and ran to help quickly. The mouse helped the lion by gnawing the net. Then the lion could get out from the net.

"You're a little mouse but you're a big help. Thank you!" the lion said.

"Just forget it, Mr. Lion. I am happy to help you." the mouse said.

Then the mouse smiled happily and left the lion.
Give (T) for the true statement and (F) for the wrong statement based on the text!

1. The lion is a king of the jungle. ___
2. The lion bit the net to save the mouse. ___
3. The mouse saves the lion. ___
4. The mouse lets the Lion eats him. ___

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