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by David


this is fortnite a game that you play when you are board there are guns skins and emotes you could play solo due trio or squad there are tournaments in the game also and you could win lots of money like 100k dollars people say you will not be successful when you play the game but someone won a million dollars from it.
these are called emotes people dance when they win a game they have lots of emotes it even comes with music you can dance to its fun to dance with your friends
when you win they call it battle royal because you have to battle for the crown there are youtubers that are so good like Bugha. he won millions of dollars from fortnite
this is epic games i could not get a picture of him but its ok epic games is the person who made the game he owns the hole game he hires people to go see if they are cheating or not. If they are cheating there is a report button and it will tell you who it was so you can report them epic games will check there game if there are any cheats he will permanently ban you or his workers

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