Book Creator


by Florencia Daino


My name  is Hola. I am 8 years old. I am wearing a red cape, green shorts and a grey top. I can fly and dance but I can't run very fast. I live in Garay 135. I like tomato and banana. I don´t like rugby.
Hi, what’s up? My name is Zoe but my super name is Catwoman. I have got superpowers. I can climb but I can’t swim. I have got green eyes
and long hair. I like cats  but I don’t like rabbits. In this picture, I’m
wearing a black skirt and a black top.
My name is  Love. I am 7 years old. I have  
got a cape, a necklace and glasses. I haven´t got a mask. 
I can fly and hugh but I can´t  get angry. I like chocolate but I don´t like apple.
My name is Super Green Lantern. My favorite color is Green, I am 8 years old. My super power is to create green things. I am  wearing a blue top, a green t-shirt, a blue jeans and shoes. I like helping people but I don’t like cooking.
My name is Supercony. I am wearing a top, skirt, 2 bracelets, a tiara and boots. My daily routine is the following. I wake up at 7.00 and then I have breakfast. In the afternoon, I watch tv and save people. I usually eat spaghetti for dinner. Finally, I go to sleep to rest and get ready to help.