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My Beebot Journey

by Caoimhe Kelly


My Beebot Journey!
Caoimhe Kelly
First of all, with our partners we played around with the Beebots to figure out how the Beebot moves, how to pause it and how to clear the directions.
Here we worked with story mats. We moved the Beebot from the start line to the finish line once we were familiar with how to move the Beebot around.
We then used a different story mat and designed a journey for the Beebot to go on. The Beebot started at the blue triangle, went to the blue square and finally to the green triangle.
Next, I laid out cards with directions on the story mat and my partner followed the directions to get to the finish line!
I really enjoyed using the Beebots. I learned how beneficial these are in the classroom. They are a fun way of incorporating mathematics and literacy in the classroom. Children develop their mathematical skills by using story mats including shapes and numbers. Children can develop their literacy skills while using Beebots as they can create different stories using the story mats and using story mats that include letters.