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by Adyant Jain


The Key To A Better Future
By Adyant Jain
In 2090, there lived a scientist named Toby. Toby was very upset with the way the world was, water was scarce and trees were non existing.
There is no air to breathe. We carry oxygen tanks filled with artificial oxygen.
You could only see trees and forest on screens.
There was no life other than humans, no animals and birds but only robotic dogs that could move around.
There is no water to drink. We get 500ml of water every morning through IV.
There is no air to breathe. We carry oxygen tanks filled with artificial oxygen.
There is no physical interaction whatsover. When absolutely needed, we use Video call.
Instead of trying to restore the world, the other scientist were updating the missing features of the world artificially. Toby decided that he would not play a role in this. Instead, he wanted to change the world from the past to eliminate this problem. He decided to build a Time Machine to go back Cop28 (now if you do not know what is COP28, here’s a little brief. The Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was an international climate summit, which was held annually unless the Parties (the countries involved) decided otherwise. At COPs, world leaders gathered to work together on solutions to tackle climate change.)
To complete this great mission, Toby thought, a Time Machine would be enough, but he was wrong. Even after building the Time Machine there was one key feature missing. Toby had to convince the world leaders to make a change and it was not easy for one man to change the world that easily. He thought, why not show the world what their future holds if they don’t make a change now. Hopefully, I can convince the world leaders to live broadcast my speech to the world (now if you’re thinking how the answer to the question is, the internet should be put to use sooner or later right).