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LAZY SUSAN- Nancy Pigkard

by Sandra Miranda


Lazy Susan
Nancy Pigkard
Sandra Miranda
This story takes place
in an environment of insecurity due to the robbery of Susan, of revenge because
she wants other people to go through the same thing, and she can make a profit.
Comic Panel 1
Main character,
that is, the protagonist.
Character Roles
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Stan Carpenter
Supporting character and Susan's husband
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Supporting Character
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Filler character
The self-defense expert
Few things have changed, today it is very common to see crime cases, where the police do nothing and the victims have to bear the weight of living with a trauma, and also with the rage for losing what they earn with your effort.
Both in history and inreal life, insecurity should change, and today it is very common to see this, and revenge, we know that this does not lead us to anything good, for that
reason it is a paradigm that we must change.
Speaking of robbery, if there is a similar situation in real life, the police and judicial system don´t take the matter seriously and do not act effectively.
Thought Bubble
Also, if the thief is caught, it is very likely that he will be released and justice will not be done.
If it were part of a situation similar to the one presented in the story (theft), it could show empathy with the person who is being robbed, in addition, it would show other values such as: justice, honesty and humility. Finally, you would show collaboration and help with the person if you were in that situation.