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The book of Poems

by Kabir Shivani


The Book Of Poems
By: Kabir Shivani
By Kabir Shivani
Published by KISRead in 2021

About the author

Kabir Shivani is a 3rd Grader.
He writes books in his free time.
He is also very good at computers and he owns a school (KIS) with it's own publishing company (Pvt property) called KISRead.
His auto-graph:
Poem 1. Come to our meeting Room, By Kabir Shivani
Poem 2. DOG and POEM (Acrostic lines word) By Kabir Shivani
Come to our meeting room,
Our meeting room will voom.
The cost is free,
Just the opening fee.
Ping Pong
Get a ticket,
To sit on a wicket.
It doesn't matter if you eat a fig,
The meeting organiser will make you dig.
Poem 3. Two people
Poem 5. Hai Hai Haiku

Two people in the sun,
Were having some fun.
Poem 4. Crazy Bob (Free - Verse)
Gary Unicorn,

Loves to laugh and sing,

What a special friend!
Mr. Bob is so Crazy,
He is the craziest man in town,
He lives in 25457 BBVC Street (Bad Bock Val Crazy Street)
He never leaves his home.
He never takes a bath, that's why he is so stinky.
Poem 5. SO SO Sonnet
Poem 6. Pastoral Poem
Oooh! Ooh! Today the big night,
Halloween has come!
Ooh! Ghosts moving everywhere!
Ooh! Jack' O Lanterns everywhere!
Halloween, the big night has Come!!!
Spooky ghost spooking the town!
A ghost; a Zombie all spooking us!
Oh wise old man, come to us!
Kids wanting candy,
Adults carving Jack' O Lanterns and decorating homes!
This Halloween is the spookiest Halloween of ALL!
Oh candy tortures for kids,
No one giving candy to kids,
Kids getting hyper active!
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Please tell your master to bring some gifts,
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
Please tell your master to bring some gifts,
So we can make it the best Christmas ever!