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The History of Thanksgiving

by An Exceptional Student


The History of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a USA national holiday, and this year occurs on Thursday, November 24.
In 1621, Plymouth colonists that sailed on the Mayflower, and the indigenous Wampanoag celebrated the autumn harvest, which is widely considered the first Thanksgiving.
It wasn't until 1863, however, that President Abraham Lincoln declared it a national holiday. Before that, days of giving thanks were celebrated by individual colonies and states.
The Mayflower
Did you know that the iconic Mayflower that sailed from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts, carried only 102 passengers?
They were also "Separatists." The “Separatists” did not believe in worship under the Church of England which they thought to be unscrupulous and corrupt.
They were not the same as the "Puritans", who had many of the same problems with the church of England, but wanted to reform within it.