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Natural Pharmacy

by Zuzana Garajová


Code Week 2020
Coded "Friendship bracelets"
our Code Week 4 All code is cw20-YQPjc
The children create a code on the coding pad, use coloured shapes to create their own code from 2 - 4 colors. According to the created code, they thread beads on the thread.
Hopscotch coding
our Code Week 4 All code is cw20-4JTdQ
The children spread out pictograms on the coding pad, which symbolize a certain instruction: "turn around, put your hands up, cross your arms, jump, put your hands on your head, clap, kick, stand on one leg, etc.". The movement activity card can be placed on the loop card (how many times the activity will be repeated). The children create pictograms and a code on the coding pad with the help of arrow cards. It must go through all the fields on which the instruction pictograms are located.