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Ms. Poynter English IV Syllabus

by Ms. Poynter


Ms. Poynter
Rm 318
English IV 2022 Syllabus
Look for this caption for important info throughout the book.
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First, let me introduce myself! I've taught English for 16 years.
My daughter, Bree, is 22. My son, James, is 25.
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Loves: Travel, Teaching, Meeting People, Nature, Learning New Things and Laughing
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I went to RJ Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem, NC. I played volleyball (#7), took dance classes and was in the Anchor Club.
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I graduated from ASU with a BA in English and Psychology. Click on the link to take a guided tour of the campus.
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I am in school right now, too! I am attending Gratz College for my Master's of Arts in Genocide and Holocaust Studies. Click here if you would like to learn about what I am studying:
I sponsor the Student Diversity and Inclusion Council. I would love to have you join! We are a student led organization that creates events to discuss issues related to diversity and inclusion. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment for everyone.
Classroom Behavior
and Participation Expectations

Students should follow ACRHS expectations including respecting classmates, promptness to class and avoiding plagiarism. Together, the class will create a brief set of expectations to follow that will be posted on Google Classroom.
Each class member will be expected to follow our class expectations.
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1. Warning
2. Parental Contact
3. Parental Contact and ASD
4. Office Referral
Note: Teacher has the right to skip to #4 if the action
is severe enough.
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Materials needed for class: Laptop, earbuds, paper, pen/pencil.

TUTORING: Thursdays
Virtual: By Appointment
Classroom: 7:30- 7:50 am or 3:00-3:30
Note: If you need to meet on a day or days other than Thursday, we can work it out in advance.
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Late Work: A zero will be added to the gradebook for any missed assignment until it is submitted and graded. Work over a week late will receive a deduction of up to 50% depending on how late it is.
Classwork: All classwork must be completed and submitted during class unless an extension has been given to you in advance.
Extra Credit: I will assign extra credit once for the class each grading period. However, to be eligible for extra credit, you must have no zeros in the gradebook.
Homework, Classwork and Extra Credit

During the course of the year, students will enhance grammar skills in writing; revise, reflect, and evaluate their writing and the writing of others; 
respond respectfully to ideas in class discussions and articulate original ideas; present scholarly work to whole class and small group audiences; and
enhance vocabulary skills and usage within the context of works.

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The goal of this class is to have students make connections between themes, ideas, and movements in British literature while applying a literary lens to the works through analysis and writing. Additionally, students study how the literature of Great Britain has influenced literature of the United States. 
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These are my expectations for you:

1. Be a productive and respectful member of the class community.

2. Try your hardest. (I expect you to use your time wisely in class.)

3. Ask for help when you need it; offer help when you can.

4. You are responsible for looking on Google Classroom for missed assignments when you are absent.
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Click on this link for information on plagiarism. It is important that you understand what it is in order to avoid it in your work. If you plagiarize someone else's work, or allow someone to plagiarize yours, even if it is only in part, you will be required to redo the assignment or if that is not possible, you will be given a replacement assignment. Until the new assignment is completed, you will recieve a 0.
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Grades will be assigned on a points basis for:
Class Participation
Literary Analysis
Reading Comprehension
Writing Structure/Written Expression
Turn the page for a list of texts we will be reading. When you turn the page, you will find some links to explore video summaries.
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Poetry From Authors Such As:
Raymond Antrobus
William Blake
Lord Byron
TS Eliot
Lord Byron
Percy Bysshe Shelley
John Keats
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Robert Burns
William Shakespeare
William Ernest Henley
Frieda Hughes
Carol Ann Duffy
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By William Shakespeare
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Excerpt from Beowulf