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Respiratory system

by Hayden Horn


Respiratory System by Hayden Horn
What makes up the system
- Nose
- Pharynx (throat)
- Larynx (voice box)
- Trachea (windpipe)
- Bronchi
- Lungs
- Nose: allows air to enter body, filters, warms and moistens air
- throat: Receives air from nasal cavity and food and water from oral cavity
- windpipe: Carries oxygen to your lungs
- Bronchi: distributes air throughout lungs until reaching respiratory bronchiole and alveolar sacs
- Lungs: Air enters lungs, oxygen from that air moves to your blood while Co2 moves from your blood to lungs to be exhaled out
- Bronchitis: Infection causing inflammation of the lungs larger airways
- Asthma: Disease where airways narrow and swell and may produce extra mucus
Fun facts
- The lungs are the only organs that can float on water
- Your nose is a filter, heater, and humidifier