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Sleeping Beauty

by Downsville CS 5th & 6th


Sleeping Beauty
Told by Rand Whipple
Illustrated by students from the Downsville Central School's 1st and 2nd Grades, 2020
Once upon a time there was a prince.
His was big.

He was strong.
He had a horse.
And his horse's name was Frank.
He also had a sword
and wanted to be called... Brad.
In a nearby castle, there was a princess name Susan.

She was good.

She was kind.

She was smart.

She wasn't beautiful.
(No one cared. Everyone loved Susan.)
Brad felt couldn't marry Susan because she was not beautiful. He felt he had to marry the most beautiful woman in all the world.
Because he was big.
Because he was strong.
Because he had a sword.
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And a horse named Frank.
Hi, I'm Frank.
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Brad decided he needed to find the most beautiful woman in all the world. The woman who would be his wife.
He felt he deserved the most beautiful woman in all the world because...

he was Brad!