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The most popular sports in the world.
Football sports is considered the most popular sport in the world. There are two teams in football eleven players. Football is played on a big grass with a gate at each end. The goal of the game is to get football the goal of the other team. The key to football is, except the goalkeeper, the player can not touch the ball by hand, they can only kick the knee or header to improve it or achieve goals. Football is played at all levels of the world of small children's tournaments to professional and international teams. Maybe the most famous football tournament is the World Cup. The World Cup is organized every four years, the World Championship is a football competition between countries and is one of the most respected events in the world. One of the very popular football reasons is that it really has only one ball and a flat open area to play. Children around the world create fields and goals everywhere and start playing games. The game is also interesting and competitive. Football is a great form of exercise because there are many activities for a good distance. This sport is also a good challenge for ingenuity and a great way to learn a balance. Many people keep football at the highest level to become as beautiful as an art form. Skills, great players, and amazing football teams working balls, strategies, and rivers like a team can be a great thing to see.  
Basketball is a game played between two teams of five players on a rectangular field, usually in a hall. Each team tries to score a goal by throwing the ball through the opponent's goal, a raised horizontal hoop, and a net called a basket.
Basketball is a dynamic sport that builds endurance from the short sprints it takes to go up and down the court; the movements are different from those in basketball, such as jumping to shoot or grabbing a rebound, they require frequent muscle contractions that can develop muscular endurance, weight training is recommended for basketball players to improve their performance on the court
 Since the inclusion of men's basketball in the Olympic Games in 1936, the success of international basketball has increased significantly. Basketball has become particularly popular in Italy, and Spain has several basketball leagues. Another important center of European basketball is especially Eastern Europe. In the Balkans.
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