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The Dragon's Egg

by Leon Gorani


The Dragon's Egg
By Leon Gorani
Chapter One: The Wizard
Chapter Ten
The Banquet
Chapter Two:The Wizard's House
Chapter Eleven
The Dragon's Egg
Chapter Three:The Spell Book
Chapter Twelve
The Happiness Spell
Chapter Four:The Message in The Chest
Chapter Five
The Journey to Dragon Island
Chapter Six
Meet The Splats
Chapter Seven
Dragon Island Adventure Trail
Chapter Eight
A Royal Invitation
Chapter nine
the Menu

Chapter One
The Wizard
In the murky , drenched woods with colossal , jagged trees Chris was trying to find his fourty three year old toy car . Chris was alone until he heard thundering stomps and ran very quickly far into the woods.

After running for a bit he tripped on a rock and slowly turned around and was astonished to see a wizard in real life .The wizard was wearing a blue cloak with a hat that had stars on it and wore glasses above his nose . Chris asked
" why are you in wooded grant ?"
The wizard said
" It is because I needed one more person to make my potion with me and you look like the perfect person for it and I also found this car when I was chasing you ."
Chris did not know what to do so he agreed and Chris followed the wizard.
Chapter Two
The Wizard's House
After walking for a bit Chris was stopped by a wooden gate.The Wizard pulled out his thin,elegant wand out and tapped the gate.Suddenly,the wooden gate disappeared and Chris was disgusted he saw the Wizard's house.It had four broken windows a chimney that pumped out black,dirty smoke a red door and a dusty,slimy roof.The Wizard greeted Chris into his house.

When Chris walked in he was impressed and stunned by how the interior looked it was a bit dim but other than that it looked great. It had a library a cauldron there were different potions which did different things to you and wands which could do spells.The Wizard went to the library and picked this very ancient and special book the title was

The Wizard opened the book and...
Chapter Three
The Spell Book
The Happiness Spell
Are you feeling sad today?Well this spell will make you forget all the sad things that happened.With a few ingredients and instructions.
The Wizard has found the spell that he was looking for and put it on a wooden,coarse shelf next to the iron cauldron.
"This is the spell that I was looking for. it is called The Happiness Spell!"
Curious, Chris took a closer look at the spell.
"Are you saying that this can make people in the world happy"
"Well if it didn't make people happy then why is it called The Happiness Spell. If you have all the ingredients to make it and do it correctly,of course.There is one ingredient where you can only find in a specific place and is not an easy task,"
said the Wizard.
Chris was perplexed."Tell me the ingredient I can help!"
The Wizard calls it "The Dragon's Egg!"
"What a Dragon's Egg? how is that possible dragons aren't real!" The Wizard said
"Really?Read the instructions and you will see."
.2 Teddy Bears
.1 Dragon's Egg
.1 Smile
.3 Chocolate Cakes
.1 Spoon
.1 Potion Bottle
1.First you get all your ingredients and put in a cauldron.
2.Then take a spoon and mix the ingredients quickly for three minutes.
3.After That take your potion bottle and pour the potion from the cauldron into the bottle.
4.Finally drink the potion slowly.
Chapter Four
The Message In The Chest
Chris was looking at the Wizard with his mouth open
"That is amazing but how are we going to find the Dragon's Egg if we do not even know where it is?"
The Wizard was very energetic he was bouncing of the walls running around and is even laughing all at once.The Wizard told Chris
"Why should you worry,m'friend! I found a Dragon's Egg a long time ago in a island it didn't hatch so I took it and went back to my magical house to put in a secret chest to hide it safely but I bet it will be ready to hatch today because it has been a long time since!!"

Magically, the Wizard teleported to a musty,dusty room to get the Dragon's Egg in a ginormous wooden chest and you would need a ladder to get high enough to open it.The chest had a golden,precious lock that you would need a key in order to get the Dragon's Egg from the chest.Suddenly, the big smile on the Wizard's face was gone because the Dragon's Egg was not there
"What the Dragon's Egg it's gone my precious Dragon's Egg is gone and has been replaced with a letter!"
"Wait a letter!There could be a clue we would need to get the Dragon's Egg back!"
"True let us read the letter"
Tiddly Wiggly
Dragon Egg 365
36849 Stranger Thing City

Dear Wizard Tiddly

I am writing this letter to let you know that I have stolen your Dragon's Egg and in order to find it you must follow what I say. Travel towards the setting sun on the Mysterious Ocean on a dog because if you do not do that you can not reach Dragon Island. Once you get there you must be careful because it can be dangerous on the island like if you see a jellyfish that is blue do the frog dance three times.