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The Lost Son

by Rylie Smith

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The Lost Son
Rylie Smith
Youngest Son: "Dad do you remember the piggy bank you promised me and my brother?"
Dad: "Of course I do!"
Youngest Son: "Can I please have it now?"
Dad: "Son I don't think that's such a good idea.. But if it's what you want then, Yes of course."
Younger Son: "YAY! Now I can buy all the Toys & Candy I want!"
"Ouuu I want this one!"
"And this one!"
" oh, oh, oh that one too!!"
" Oh no! My piggy banks empty!"
"How am I going to get more toys and candy now?!"
"Wait I have an idea!"
Speech Bubble
"This has to work!"
" Just like Dad's lemonade stand"
"Oh no... My lemonade selling business isn't as popular as dad's"
"How am I going to buy the toys I want now?"
"Well this is no fun"
"Dad's Lemonade stand is so popular, my big brother helps him sell the lemonade and get toys for his help"
"Maybe I'll go back"
"But I dont deserve to be at the stand because I ran away so hopefully Dad will allow me to at least make the lemonade for him"