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Do you like fast food?



Do you like fast food?
About half the young people in America are heavier than they should be. That's because they eat the wrong food, or they eat too much or too often. American doctors keep warning about "overweight kids" and some thing are changing, very slowly. However, a lot of habits are very hard to change.
Fast food restaurants, for example, are as popular as ever, at all times of the day. Hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries are still the most popular things to eat. The problem is that they are high in calories and fat. Another problem is to encourage children and teenagers to eat their greens.
Ora tocca a te!
-Welcome to McDonald's. May I take your order?
- I'll take a Big Mac and small coke.
- One Big Mac and one small coke. Will that be all?
- Yes.
- Will taht be for here or to go?
- For here please.
- The total comes to $3.87.
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