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The SpaceKnights'Golden Book
Yellow crew
Yellow crew
My name is Inès. I was born in 2065 on February 21 st in Paris. I am 22 years old. I have got short curly brown hair. I have got blue eyes. I have got a small nose. I am small and thin. I have got a white sweater and blue jeans. I have got a fair skin with freckles. I have got earrings. I have got small ears. I wear a red glittery dress and black tights. I wear a black coat also black boots. I hold a black glittery bag. I wear golden earrings and necklace with a pompom. I wear a ring with a diamond. I wear a pretty silver bracelet.
I am kind. I am also extremely generous. Indeed, I am not only intelligent but I am also proud.
By Louise, Camille, Ninon.
I was born in 2100, on May 1st , in Hawaï, in Honolulu. My name is Alexander. I am New Zealander. I am of medium height with medium build. I am 21 years old. I am good looking. I have got a round face with freckles. I have got small red cheeks. I have also got a fair skin. I have got beautiful green eyes, a small nose and small ears. I have got medium long straight brown hair. I have got a golden necklace. 
I am helpful. I am also extremely brave and reliable. Indeed, I am not only shy but also kind.
By Simon, Morgan & Thaïs
My name is Julie like my best friends.It is of French origin. I was born on April 4 th 2073 in La Rochelle, a French town on the west coast. I am not very tall and of medium build. I have got  a round face with dimples. I have got big blue eyes, a big nose and freckles. I have got a small ears and small mouth. I have got short wavy blond hair. I am good-looking.
I am very generous and bold. I am very straightforward. I am also touchy. I am not only kind but also helpful. I am very stubborn but I am reliable. I am a little proud and shy. Indeed I am lazy. I am quite outgoing. I am extremely polite. I have got black jeans and a red hoodie. I have got a jacket without sleeves and black and white shoes. I have got a silver neaklace and silver earrings. I have got a hand bag. I am very courageous and quite fast. I am also good. I am not only just but I am also honorable.

By Paloma, Lily