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Superman and Batman's Friendship

by Pranav Seetharaman


Superman and Batman's Friendship!!!!!
written and ilustrated by pranav
Once upon a time there was a guy called Superman who lived in a castle. Superman had an S at the front of his shirt and wore a cape. Early one morning he decided to make a plan with Batman so he packed a map with him. The map was colouful and was rolled in a brown bottle.
Next Superman started flying through the green,spiky forest. He began to look around. He saw a black and white bald eagle. "Where are you going and what is in your brown bottle?"asked the bald eagle. "I'm going to make a plan with Batman in his cave and there's a map in the brown bottle,"said Superman. The bald eagle flew away and Superman carried on flying through the green,spiky forest.
Soon he saw the Batcave. The Batcave was black outside and had green lights in it. When he got there he knocked on the blue flying door. "Who is it?" asked a quiet voice. "I'ts me, Superman" and in he flew.
Superman sat and started making the plan with Batman. "What big feathers you have Batman,"said Superman.
"All the better to feel you with,"said Batman.
"What a big neck you have Batman,"said Superman. "All the better to see you with!" said Batman.
"What big wings you have Batman,"said Superman.
"All the better to fly and chase you with!" said the bald eagle. Suddenly the bald eagle jumped out of the chair and chased Superman around the Batcave.
The bald eagle was trying to steal the plan and take the map away. Luckily the bats were hiding and they flew out. They chased the bald eagle away and the bald eagle never came back. Meanwhile, Superman waved his cape and Batman's camouflage dress came off. Batman and Superman continued making the plan. They lived happily ever after.