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by Georgia FAAIU


The course of a river
By Georgia
Hello! ,
This Book is going to talk to You about the parts of a River,
and about what Rivers are , I'm excited to share with you my learning ,I hope you enjoy it :3
The course
Really high on the top of the Mountains where the Water can boil from deep bellow, and as it gets steeper, it gets faster and grabs as much speed as possible.
The course
The upper course
And this see? this is where the snow or ice melts and turns to the picture bellow
It bring soft rocks with it as it goes forward, hard rock can make a strong river bank, for many years water carves a river.
These are the soft and hard mixture or rocks
Where the main river has like small tributes that connect to the main river tis is where sand piles up near, like at the beach sometimes when the tide is out it makes a lot of these .
Like this see all the mini tributes from the main river?