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Dark Souls

by kevin mateo macias santana


Kevin Mateo Macias Santana 2 BACH B
Once ago, in a kingdom called Anor Londo, where peace was present in that place for the gods.
There was a God, known as Gwyn, the God of the sun.
He found the first flame, and with it he created humanity,
with that first flame the light would come, but with that it would also come darkness.
Life and death, hope and chaos,
but Gwyn had an idea, which was to eliminate the dragons for humanity to have peace.
Once the dragons were eliminated, Gwyn prospered as a God, and lived in peace for a long time weather.
But, at one point, the first flame was going out,
and Gwyn tried many methods so that the first flame would not be extinguished, and the age of darkness would arrive, but none worked.