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The Snow Day

by Sarah Yunker


The Snow Day
For Christine, Carena and Curtis, who make every snow day the most fun.
Once upon a time, there were three children, and the names of all three were Christine, Curtis, and Carena.  
They all lived together with their mother and father in a little house near
Washburn, North Dakota.
Every morning the three children woke up very early to get dressed and eat breakfast. Then a big yellow school bus came to pick them up and take them to school. The children liked school, but they liked having days off
of school, too.
Sometimes the children, especially Curtis, would ask their mother if they could have a ‘fake sick day,' or a day that they stayed home from school pretending to be sick.
Sometimes she said yes to this, but most of the time she said no.
One day, it was a Monday, the weatherman
came on the TV and told everyone that a big blizzard was coming.

“This will be a record breaker!” he
said.  The children were very excited.
Would they get to have a snow day?

The weather on Monday was very nice; almost
fifty degrees and not windy at all! Could a blizzard really be on the way?

The weatherman was insistent.
“There will be a big blizzard,”
He said again and again. 
That evening, at 5:40 pm, the children’s
mother received a phone call from the school.
“There will be no school on Tuesday, April
12, 2022,” said the message.
The children were very excited! That night
their mother let them stay up late and watch a movie.