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by Joudy M.Yassien


Authors’ Note
Hello! We are the author’s of Istoria. I’m Jna Housam. I enjoy watching fantasy and sci-fi movies. I dream of becoming an architect. I’m Omar Saber. I like listening to music, and I dislike heights. My dream is to become a computer engineer. I’m Maya Swidan. I’m afraid of tight areas, so I have claustrophobia. I want to became an interior designer. I’m Joudy Yassein. I really enjoy drawing and designing; however, I dream of becoming a doctor. I’m Hana Alaa. I’m into politics and economics. I want to become a politician in the future. I’m Youssef Etreby. I’m into mixing tracks, and I want to become a DJ. I’m Ziad Mohamed. I want to become a mechanic and teach people about it be because I enjoy it so much. We all enjoyed incorporating all the information we know to create this educational story.