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Who We Are

by Amy Hudson


Who We Are
A Poetry Portfolio
by 5th-Grade Gifted Students
at Sara Harp Minter Elementary School
I am Niklas
I am honest and kind
I wonder what my purpose is
I hear my dogs barking
I see a wolf out the window
I want everyone to be nice and kind
I am Niklas
I pretend to be ok when I’m not
I feel happy on the inside
I touch my dogs’ fur 
I worry I won’t be able to play videogames 
I cried that my dog died
I understand I am sometimes rude
I say peace
I dream that I will be successful in  life
I try to cheer people up
I hope my family and I will live happily and healthily
I am Niklas

I am a friend 
I am a dancer and an artist.
I wonder if tomorrow going to be a good day.
I hear the music when I dance.
I see all of my friends in my dance studio.
I want to not miss enrichment next week.
I am a sister to some
I pretend sometimes that I am a famous singer singing to the crowd.
I feel the cool breeze when I go outside.
I touch all my stuffed animals when I sleep.
I worry about going on a plane.
I am going to cry when my sister goes to collge.
I understand lots of things.
I say that “life is a privilege and you have to take a chance”.
I dream that one day I will be a famous fashion designer when I grow up.
I try to be kind wherever I go.
I hope that I will be very successful.
I am Finley