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New Horizons II

by Maximiliano Aguilar, Ivan Sanchez, Ana Elisa Camacho, Alimar Gonzalez

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A multicolor world
In a very far place where crayons could speak, there was one tiny and bit shorty, called Brown. He was very shy and kind. The bad thing about Brown’s situation is that the others made fun of him for his vulnerability. He couldn’t speak or stand up for himself. 

That same morning, in school, the crayons started drawing a huge mural on a wall celebrating inclusion and discrimination. Brown, of course, jumped at the chance to participate in the project, he wanted to help his companions only to discover he wasn’t considered in any of the teams. 

-’What are you doing Brown? You're messing up the drawing!Don’t you see that each one is doing what they are supposed to be doing?’ SaidGreen, angrily. 

-But I want to participate!-answers Brown, sadly. 

-Get out of the way! Find a team that will take you. 

Brown acted as if he hadn’t heard anything and tried to helpGreen. Without asking, he started coloring. 

-Yes, I'll paint here!-Brown thought 

-’Hey, what do you think you're doing? Have you ever seen brown bushes? Get out of here! Insisted his friend.
‘You are not wanted here! Don’t you get it!’. Yelled Green. 

Brown was running out of hope when he saw the janitor, then he went to ask and asked him: 

-Hi Juampa, could I ask you for some advice?-Asked Brown 

-Of course Young man; What do you need?- Mr. Juampa was a great warm man that was always happy with everyone. Even with Red and Orange who used to ignore him and said bad things about him on his back. 

This generous and gentle old man was also very wise. Some students trusted him and asked him about some school stuff, most of the time he gave good tips to people who needed information or shared experience. 

“-I have a problem with today's project, I can't find a way to help my classmates, it seems I'm just getting in the way, what should I do?”-Brown said, Desolated 

With a smile, the janitor responded and advised him the following: 
-Maybe you should ignore them and try to talk to them and if it doesn't work you should talk with the principal and see what she can do. 

“-Of course, I will, Thank you very much Juampa! –“. He said excitedly.