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by Alexa Florián Suero


Alexa Florian
[ Chapter 1 ]
The Saver
Is beauty a curse? She wondered.
With her eyes open, she stared at the ceiling. How could she think about such things? She was disgusted with herself for pondering about it for so long.

It had been 2 minutes.

She peeked out the window. A purple, breezy night again. The night sky looked like a million swirls, the purple, and black blending together mixed with the periwinkle clouds.

She walked around her room, even dancing a bit, regardless of the music that wasn’t playing. She danced until she couldn't feel her feet and arms. Then, as if it was part of a routine, she threw herself on her bed and started flailing every part of her body. I suppose you could say she looked like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

Not even that could tire her. Looks like another painful night of staying awake. She has always hated the fact she has insomnia. Hate is an understatement. She despised it.
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{ Chapter One }
Cherrissom. That was her name.

A teenage girl that had a pretty common taste for her vintage and flowy lifestyle.

She was slim. Some even called her a "skeleton" or "walking ghoul" but she was perfectly healthy. Her arms were appropriately filled with muscles, as well as her legs. Her beautifully pleasing face was pure and natural. She looked more like a fairy without wings than a skeleton.

Her hair was like spruce wood. Soft, dark brown curls reached down to her hips with ease. She had layers accompanied with long bangs on the sides of her face that framed it.

She only wore dark and neutral-colored flowy dresses and skirts with corsets and slip-on dresses combined with leg warmers and fishnets on her legs or arms. 

Her room had wood paneling and was a cream color. It also had a medium-sized window on one of the walls with a view of the front yard. She also had lots of plants and flowers in there, too. Her bedsheets were the color of a rainy day’s sky and were always occupied by her cat and her 3 fluttering friends.

Moetye, Chenzi and Okia were 3 butterflies. Somehow, Cherrissom managed to make them
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{ The Saver }
recognize her and her scent. Before Cheri met them, they were always in the strawberry field Cherri and her grandma owned. One day she was picking strawberries and in the blink of an eye, she was being swarmed by a beautiful orange monarch, a blue morpho, and an iridescent butterfly. Now, they are always around Cherri and her cat, Miski.
Oh, and grandma. Sweet and loving grandma. Miraculously, she didn't look a day over 28. She was Cherrissom’s idol, hero, role model, and anything you can think of. She was the only family Cherri had left, and she was glad that she got stranded in this world with her grandmother because she couldn’t possibly imagine what her life would be without her.
Grandma had this cottage in the middle of nowhere. Her late husband built it for her and named it Chrysanthe. On one end of the cottage there was a strawberry field surrounded by a spruce forest and at the other end was nature bordering a freshwater river. Ever since Cherri was given to her, she decided to move there
Her name? Begonia, just like the flower.

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[ Chapter 2 ]
She looked out the window again. The swirls were almost completely gone and there wasn't any black, dark blue, or purple.

It’s morning already? She asked herself, “How could it be?”

Right after she finished her thought, birds started chirping. She checked the time on her alarm clock.

5:28 A.M.

"Another day, another harvest, isn't that right Miski?" She said as she pampered her with kisses. Poor Miski was so tired she couldn't even meow, and instead purred as Cherri stroked her back.

Getting up from bed, Cherri almost fell from her tiredness. She proceeded to wobble to the bathroom, not even bothering to turn on the hallway's lights. Once there, she shut the door behind her, tied her hair into a high bun, and used bobby pins to fasten her bangs out of her face.

She turned on the shower faucet and set the water
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{ Chapter Two }
warm up. She then undressed and tossed her clothes into the hamper in the corner and missed, probably because the hamper's lid was closed. Stepping into the shower, Cherri's foot slipped and she thankfully caught herself. I need to start paying attention to where I step She said to herself.

Showering was her favorite part of the day. The water hitting her skin like fairy dust and the humidity made her feel safe. This often made her lose track of time.

By the time Cherri finished bathing, the bathroom looked like a tsunami hit it.

Someone opened the door. It creaked as it was being gently pushed by the doorknob. Cherrissom scrambled to put a towel over herself. She panicked when the towel didn't want to unfold and she could see the hand of the person opening the door. Once 1/4 of the door was open, water spilled out into the hallway.

"What in the world..?" She heard someone say. Instantly, Cherri recognized the mellow voice.

"Oh, hi grandma" She uttered sheepishly.

“What'd I tell you about flooding the bathroom, Cherrissom Abilene?”
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