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by Cristopher Yumbillo


Unidad educativa tecnico salesiano 
Name: Cristopher Yumbillo

Gradre: 9F

Topic use your smartphones

1.1. presentation

1.2. How to avoid misuse of the phone?

best method to use the phone

2.1. How to use the phone well?
Young people and adults use phones for many things, talk with friends and family, watch movies and many things, but some young people use phones to watch videos and just play games, we do not limit ourselves to our tasks as much as those at school, since Those of us who are at home do many things: eat, wash, work, but we don't do any of that. Our parents tell us to study, but instead we won't, and of our own accord we'll spend most of our time on the phone doing nothing productive.
He left the task for the end and when we are going to do the homework by our own will, it may be that we manage to do the homework but in some cases we will not be able to do it and at that moment we will start thinking that why not do my homework before.
best method to use the phone
for a better use of the telephone you must know how and where to use it you cannot take out the telephone during class hours because you have to pay attention you only have to take it out if the teacher allows it you can also use it when you have doubts about a task you can research on the subject that you do not understand but obviously without opening other applications then you will have time for that.

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