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EDRL Vocab Strategies

by Yasmin Chavez


Key Elements to Develop a Vocabulary Program
In order to develop a successful vocabulary program I would use the following elements:

- Promote the usage of the words.
- Study and Review Regularly.
- Dictionary Use.
- Create Interest in words.
- Foster independent word-learning skills.
- Make it a Routine. Daily or as often as possible.
- Choose Relevant Words. Use words that are on a high-frequency word list or words used in literature such as words that are integral, relevant, and relational. Avoid technical or obscure words.
Program for Beginning or Intermediate Level Students
Strategies to develop student vocabulary:

This strategy is used for the discovery of new word's meanings and allows students to be independent.
This is also a strategy that allows discovery of a new word's meaning and allows students to seek and involve help from others such as teachers and peers.
Students may apply the memory strategy to consolidate words meanings. They can connect words to its synonyms and antonyms. It also allows students to study the spelling of words.
This is a strategy used for consolidating a word once it has been encountered. The use or written and verbal repetition can be used to engage students with vocabulary words.
This strategy allows students to continue to study words over time.
Five Words to Teach Students
1) Sports

2) Said

3) Color

4) Time

5) Explain
A specific strategy I would use in order to teach these words is the word wheel. These words are able to expand with adding more vocabulary words and explore additional words that connect to the word in the same concept. For example, the word sport can be added in the center of the word wheel and the student may add different kinds of sports they are familiar with.

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