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Matariki Festival 2022

by Nicola Le Lievre


Reporting on the Matariki Festival 2022
The slide presentation that played after our performance.
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The Matariki Festival By Jakdan Zhang

On Thursday the 23rd of June, our school’s Kapa Haka group, the principal Janet Pinchen, our Kapa Haka teacher Holly Browne, and the 4 parent helpers were up and running for the Matariki Festival at Long Bay College, in the Long Bay region. We went and had this festival For the Oneroa Kahui Ako Matariki Festival. There were two focuses that day, which was celebrating Matariki and the remembrance of Matua Rawiri. We got driven to Long Bay College at 9:00 AM in the morning, by bus. We were all excited!

I got driven and dropped off at school at about 8:15 AM in the morning, and quickly got dressed for what was going to be the best performance in the world! Afterwards, Mrs Spanhake and Mrs Le Lievre called us all in and made a quick roll check, to see who was present and who was absent.

After we packed up everything we needed, which were our drink bottles, masks and a $2 coin (which was optional). We walked in a group to the (small but yet big) Ritchies Coachlines bus. We lined up into two lines, and one by one, we all hopped on the bus. I sat next to a window so I could enjoy the view, as we drove past the hundreds of houses along the way. We sang songs that we knew, and revised what we were going to do for the performance.

Once we got there, we were ordered to make a big long line, and then a student leader from Long Bay College took us up a staircase, and down a narrow pathway, to where we had to put our belongings. We had to slip our shoes and socks off, and keep our bag full of our own belongings in the bathroom. We kept our sweatshirts/jumpers on, and brought/wore our masks into the Long Bay College hall. I walked in as fast as possible, because my feet were freezing!
As all the schools gathered in and settled down, the Long Bay College student leaders acted a welcoming performance. They were so serious, it was like there was no fun in the world! The Northcross Stuffy Group all hopped up, and the first actual performance began! They acted in a play, and it was hilarious! We all loved it!

Next, the Torbay Primary Kapa Haka group stood up and got ready for their performance. They sang songs that we all knew, and some songs that we haven’t even heard of! I enjoyed it anyway. Then, it was our turn. A sudden shock went down my spine. I was never as nervous as I was that day. We all stood up in our organized lines, and walked into our formation.

Esther shuffled into her ‘pretend’ bed, and our performance started. We started with the Whiti Te Marama song, and then our play began. I was the 3rd group, or the rm26 group, and specific parts to play. I was enjoying every millisecond when I was performing. Our play went well. We ended it with a song called Ka Koutou Ana Au. After we finished, one of the student leaders, monitoring the projector, put on the slides that had the Pepeha song in it. I saw rm24, my brother's class, sing the Pepeha, and my class rm26, with rm14, singing the Pepeha as well. It was awesome.

Schools shuffled out one by one, as we prepared for our morning tea at about 11:30 AM. I went to get a packet of chocolate, and a bottle of juice. My body was replenished. After my snack, I quickly walked to get my $2 coin in my bag, and got in the queue for a sausage sizzle. Luckily I was in the line because they almost ran out of sizzles! I gobbled it up as quick as a blink of an eye, and walked back in for the next performance. As time flew past, school by school completed their performances. Lots of familiar songs, and quite a few songs that I didn’t know. I enjoyed every moment.

After all the school performances, the Long Bay College student leaders, made a ‘thank you’ performance, and finished off with the remembrance of Matua Rawiri. They performed a haka that I haven't seen or heard before. At the end of the performance, one of the student leaders gave a bundle of flowers to Matua Rawiris’ family, specifically his mum.

As the closing video ended, the deputy principal made a speech, and one of the student leaders called Jacob, finished off the Matariki Festival with a karakia. 

We all shuffled out of the hall, and made two lines and the student leader led us back to the bus. We all stepped into the bus and took the drive home. A bus ride equals singing, so we all sang songs that we knew. Once we got back to school, I just went to enjoy the rest of my lunch. As I played at lunch, I thought of how well our performance went, with the biggest smile on my face.

I think being able to make a performance is good, because you can practice your skills in performing in front of a big crowd of people. I felt happy and relieved that our performance went better than I even expected. It was a great experience, and I will always remember that moment in my life.

Matariki Festival
Matariki Festival 2022 By Hendrix Taylor

The kapa haka people went to Long Bay College to do our kahui ako matariki festival. At 9am we left on the bus to Long Bay College.

In the middle of all of the performances we all got free food and got juice and chocolate to eat. If you brought 2 bucks you could buy a hotdog with onions and tomato sauce and mustard.Then after at I think 11.30am we went back into the hall to watch Oteha Valley School and Sherwood performances. After that we all went back to school and that was the end.

What happened? At 8.05am I came to school. After that I played a little and then at 8.25am we needed to go to the Glamorgan hall to get ready to go to Long Bay College to do our kapa haka performance. Back at Glamorgan After we were done the bus came to leave at 9.05am to leave to perform at Long Bay College. At around 9.20 am we arrived at Long Bay College.

 First thing I saw was Long Bay College students welcoming us to the kahui ako Matariki Festival. Then after that we walked into the hall where there were a lot of schools on the ground wearing their kapa haka clothes on.

Then we all sat down and started to talk and all I could hear at the moment they were talking and at around 9.55am I saw all of the hall went quiet. Then the Long Bay College students welcomed us with their 1st performance to welcome us to Long Bay College.there performance was great. It was such an amazing performance because they put effort and time into it. Northcross did their drama performance. It was good but Long Bay College was more amazing.