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How the Red Panda got its Appendage

by Noah Patel


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How the Red Panda got its Appendage
How the Red Panda
got its Appendage
At the dawn of time, when the world was spriteful and new, all the animals worked hard to ensure their own survival. All, that is, except for one small and furry animal called Red Panda.
Red Panda:
Of all the animals across the forest, Red Panda was one of the smallest. His
short, fluffy legs with feet the size of a pebble helped him to be fast and
agile but light and graceful. His perfectly proportioned face with an orange
‘tear’ spread across the white face earned him the ‘Cutest Animal’ title and hi
eager ears were always listening on everything. As with many other animals, the
tail is used for balance and strongly resembles the ‘raccoon look’ even though
it has panda in the name. He is incredibly playful and his energy levels go off
the chart. Unfortunately, Red
Panda has quite a record of breaking things. He is popularly known for dropping
objects and when he does, the innocent animal always says “Oh, butter-fingers!”
and runs off, weeping as he heads back to his lonely spruce tree. About 80% of
the time, it snows so the Red Panda has a fur coat to keep him warm.
Early one morning, when the birds were singing their comforting tune, a deer – wearing her cotton coat filled with vibrant colours that gave the words ‘stand out’ a whole new meaning – passed by his house and knocked on the door with her hoof.
Red Panda was snoring loudly in his wool bed, dreaming that he was the best helper in all the village, when a sudden knock came upon his door. He climbed down the flimsy ladder, still half-asleep, with his pyjamas (which were screaming out ‘#1 Red Panda’) and fumbled with the lock. The door came open and staring right at him was a deer. She was feeling refreshed and joyful while the house owner was feeling tired and hungry.
“A good day to you, my fellow animal,” she started grandly. ‘Would you like to help me tidy my house?” Deer carried on, in a courteous manner.
Red Panda slammed the door shut. How rude, she thought. He appeared again looking astounding: he no longer had bloodshot eyes, his teeth looked fabulous and his tummy did not rumble anymore.
“Let’s go!” he cried.